What season do you enjoy the most. Summer or winter?

Neither. Summers are getting too hot and I literally tend to feel unwell when there is too much heat. Winter is often too wet cold here and I cannot stand that either and feel grumpy and unwell. Not always, but I tend to. Cold winters are an entirely different cup of tea. They can be enjoyable and then I do not mind the cold that much. But these are quite rare here.

However, autumn or spring are lovely. Moderate temperatures. Neither too warm, nor too cold.


Winter 100%

In summer when it's hot there's very little escape from the heat. You can strip down to nothing and still be sweating to death, shade/indoors is good but not perfect and  if you don't have a working air conditioner when it's 90 or 100+ outside it's just hot and miserable.

Winter? Cold?

Bundle up, add more layers, grab some blankets, grab a warm drink. Cuddle up with people or a pet (hard to do when you're sticky and hot and don't want other body heat!), get some heat packs or rice bags and enjoy. I'll take -15 over 90+ any day, thank you very much.


I adore summer!

I adore swimming in the pool or in a lake. I cherish the sand between my toes. I adore open air fires and sundresses and long strolls and yards. I adore driving with the windows open or the best down. I cherish the blooms and the trees and the grass and the majority of the winged animals and little animals that we get the opportunity to see just actual half of the year. I cherish bungalows and tabletop games and family time. I adore strolling in the rain and sitting on the yard amid rainstorms nestled into perusing my book. Summer is great and free.

I cherish winter!

I love the chilly fresh air. I adore how clean everything looks under a cover of snow. I adore being the first to venture on that fresh out of the plastic new cover of snow as though you are the main individual to welcome the world that day. I cherish huge gloves and scarves as large as covers and comfortable caps that nearly cover your eyes. I adore snowball battles and snow blessed messengers and dumping with the pooch in the snow. I LOVE HOCKEY!! I cherish skating regardless of whether I haven't done it in a while. I adore hot chocolate and apple juice and getting back home to a warm fire and a heap of covers and a decent book or motion picture. I adore Christmas and I cherish family time and table games and icicles and snowflakes.

Kindly don't make me choose.. .lol



When I was young it was mainly because we get a break from all the school stuff during summer.

We don't have to wake up early or do assignments or have to listen to our teachers. We get to go on vacation somewhere else. Or better yet, my friends come over at our place or vice versa so we can watch our favorite shows together. It was freedom!

Now that I got old, it's because I get to go out on beaches, take some minor climb trip etc. Everything outdoor is fun dyring summer. That's why. 😍


Neither.I prefer spring. In my opinion, winter and summer are too extreme seasons. It's so cold or hot. I hate the ends!

On the other hand, spring is a more balanced season. Certainly, we live cold moments but there are also days when the weather is very beautiful.


@Citimillz, Summer, but in my opinion every season hold it's own beauty and sometimes at that point of time we will not like it but when the particular season overs then we miss some of the aspects for sure. Stay blessed. 🙂