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Most people seem to have unending issues with their siblings. What's your take on this?

I think we have to clarify some things. 

Having issues with your siblings when you're a kid or a teenager is somehow normal, even though it's unpleasant, especially for parents, who have the obligation to settle disputes. These issues can be because each of them wants more power or just kid's stuff. When there's a considerable age gap, things can get worse.

When adult siblings  have unending issues, that's sad and serious. As an adult, you should not argue with your siblings. There should be a special bond between siblings, which results in helping each other, no matter what.  


You are getting it wrong.

Siblings relation is a combination of little little fights, and these fights represents their love. This love spreads with these kinda fights.

It is also true that sometime due to misunderstanding, their could be some difference's but they can be sort out if done properly


It is all about competition and personal differences about needs , desires and wants. The case of siblings is not expected to be different, though it is usually Moderated by filiar relationship.

But whenever strong blood and love ties are not cemented, siblings squables could be more belicose and deadly!!This happen often because the struggle for superioity and cognition between and among other family members is more close knitted than in external relationships

As true as family squables may be; they should be expected and properly consigned to its right perspective. Biologically you are a product of survival of sibli squables where you alone survived whereas , millions of others died. Yes, you survived out of millions of Spermatozoon which died in the course of competition.


The discussions with the brothers can be taken as training to reach maturity, because if you can not reach agreements and good coexistence How are we going to live with others when we form our own family? or how will we get along with co-workers?

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