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Which is your greatest old school music?

I'm a lover of good music! I believe that in my other life I was a musician, of course, in my other life, because in this one I am the musician's shoe. Hahahaha.  I think that the music that was made in other years, was of better quality than now, except for a few exceptions. The music from before was extraordinary, especially its lyrics: pure poetry, with messages that raised your skin. I have many favorite genres and many beloved singers!

From 1971 I love John Lenon's Imagine and from 1965 and 1970, Yesterday and Let It Be by The Beatles.

I also like Hotel California from The Eagles. It's my favorite for those times when the heart wants warmth.

My guilty pleasure is ABBA Dancing Queen. I love it, but I'm sorry to love it so much.

A little more recently, Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinnead O'Connor 1990 and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

The list is endless! I like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton; as well as Madonna, Prince. I could do a full post with all my favorite singers of all time and would have to have several parts. I'm such a fan of music that I talk about it and I already want to hear each of these songs. Does this happen to everyone, or does it just happen to me? Nice afternoon;


Personally I like the classic gothic and new wave stuff, like Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, ect. And something completely different: Johnny Cash