What is the best way of avoiding arguments in marriage?

Avoiding argument in marriage is not as easy as it seems when avoiding it with friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Argument is bound to take place in marriage except there's a pretence being exhibited by one partner.

Actually, without argument it looks like the couple are not trying anything new. Because there has to be a decision for a disagreement to take place which eventually results to the argument.

Be it as it may, there are some arguments that are not healthy no matter how I try to paint it good. Such usually occur as a result of misinterpretation leading to misunderstanding.

These are the type we'd have to avoid in other to continue to enjoy the dividends of the marriage. But how?

As a man, don't always see your decision or contribution in a matter as the best and final no matter how accurate you are. Give room for your wife to support. If her stand ain't good enough to justify yours, make her see reasons with you. Don't try to compel her into accepting your decision. If your effort proves abortive, stop the conversation and leave the scene. Put her in prayers. Its more better than creating a scene and shouting ontop of your voice.

The same is applicable to the woman.

Let me share a story, I went to a wedding reception and the chairman was called to give an opening speech. In his speech he shared an ordeal that happened recently with his wife. He said he was having a serious argument with his wife. He was actually trying to compel her to see reasons, on the process he was slapped by his wife. He quietly left the scene. Luckily it was in the night, so he quickly jumped into the bed to sleep. His wife who thought he'd be provoked and retaliate was schoked at his attitude and then became angry. In the morning, she prepared breakfast thinking he won't eat. The man patiently ate everything told her Thank you and off! He left for work. She continued with her bitterness, when the man came back she couldn't continue any longer. Immediately she went on her knees and apologized for everything.

He forgave her and life continued.

What's the essence of the story? "Compelling" if she wasn't compelled it wouldn't have resulted to a slap even if it is wrong.

Be discipline enough to control your anger. Its only going to last for sometime.

I hope this answer will help a little.




Robert Quillen once said that Discussions are an exchange of knowledge; arguments an exchange of ignorance. Arguments are in evitable in marriage. Marriage is between two different people with different behavioral pattern, attitude, feelings, opinions and dispositions - it is almost not possible for the duo not to have anything to argue about.

There are a lot of things to argue about in marriage, most especially if the partners are seeking for the progress of their marital life. Some of the issues that evolve in marriages which may make arguments inevitable include the financial prowess of the couple. For instance, if the husband is not financially bouyant there would always be cause for arguments in the marriage when there's need for him to pay for some necessities in the family.

One other important cause of arguments in relationship is intimacy and closeness. It's arguably proven that intimacy between couple may reduce after they have spent a lot of time with each other. It may also be as a result of stress from work which leads to little or no intimacy between the couple. This would definitely cause arguments in marriage if it is not well managed.

There are so many other reasons why couples argue such as lack of communication, feeling of neglect, family and friends, and so on. But the truth still remains that arguments could be a blessing in disguise, you know?

Arguments help you get to understand your partner more when you hear him/her pour out what has been bothering them for a while. It also makes one free and light because if your don't spill all your worries out, it may reflect in your behavior towards your partner. In short, you will act it out if it isn't spilled out.

So, how should arguments be avoided? TALK IT OUT. Sit down and talk about it. Issues that bring about arguments can not be totally avoided in marriage but it can be ameliorated when it is cordially talked about.

Thanks for reading.

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In a marriage, a fight between husband and wife is the most common thing. In my opinion, there are a number of steps we can take to reduce the quarrels in marriage.

The first thing we can do is be patient. Patience is a science that must be learned for life and become a medicine in overcoming all problems. Patient attitude can be applied as a solution to prevent quarrels in marriage. In addition, having forgiveness and giving in to our partners is also very good at keeping our marriages intact and harmonious.

The next step is to establish good communication. If you communicate smoothly, the relationship that occurs will be better. Communication is also done openly between husband and wife. This is very important to get rid of prejudice with each other.

Then what must be considered to avoid quarrels in marriage is to reduce our selfishness and control emotions in the face of partners. This is a surefire step to make the household always harmonious.

Being gentle with your partner is also one way to avoid quarrels in marriage. Because being gentle will make the atmosphere cooler. At the same time if being rude will make a fight that is not good because it can say things are out of control. This is not will be a solution to relieve problems.

The last thing is we must always introspect ourselves. This is very important because everyone needs time to clear their minds and eliminate negative thoughts. When the mind is clear, what will happen is to be able to calm each other.

If the things above are done then it will maintain the integrity of the household and become more harmonious.

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It's very difficult to avoid argument in marriage because you and you partner must always have different views or different opinions regarding certain issues. It's such differences in opinions that usually leads to argument. Argument would arise because both of you won't necessarily agree on everything, it is how the argument is handled that is important.

Arguments linger in relationship most times because both partners are not listening to what the other partner is saying, they just want to have their way. Try to handle arguments in a diplomatic manner and don't approach it like a competition that you have to win. Whenever there's a disagreement, try to listen to what you partner is saying and hope ge/she listens to yours and both of you should come to a compromise

Anything done in marriage should be for the good of the marriage. Both of you should learn to take decisions that will draw both of you closer together and make your marriage stronger. No trophy is given to winner of argument in a marriage, so always ensure that whatever decision you and your partner decides on during an argument will be for the best interest of you both and your marriage


Arguing is part of your marriage , if you dont argue meaning you dont care to each others opinion. Arguements is common on a relationship coz you are two different people that will be used to each others company.

Best way to avoid arguements, Just always say sorry and explain your side in a peaceful way. Lower your pride and always understand your partner. If your angry and you know that it will go to non-sense arguements just be silent and make your mood pass. coz no one ever wins with arguements , coz you will just tell all the worst your partner ever do. all his error will be brougt up again and will be the subject then after that you will never notice that you are hurting each others feeling.

Always make your partner happy, treat her for a dinner , watch movies. Learn to listen when she is telling some stories that make her day ugly. Do things together. Never make him/her feel that he/she is not worthy of your time.Β 

If you love your partner just learn to say sorry , understand his/her feelings. learn to talk to him/her in a nice way that you can bring the things that you want to change or clarify to your partner. Always remember the reason why you choose to be with that person And never let the hatred conquer you.Β 

The reason is you Love him/her.


Argument are inevitable in marriages but then there are possible ways one can avoid them and live like there is never disagreement between them. Argument is only accomplished when two people are involved, if one person is angry and pouring out offensive words and the other person is silent, this can't be judge as an argument. So the best ways to avoid argument is:

1.Being silent: you can choose to say nothing when you realize the other person is angry. Because the more you respond to the persons bitter words ,the more the anger is kindled and the argument keeps going through.

2.Say Sorry : people might be hard to many things but the word "sorry" has an ability to heal broken heart. If you realized your partner is angry, sincerely say "sorry" . This doesn't make you a servant or take away your place in the marriage, it could only show you are mature enough to handle matters

3.Calmly try to make your partner understand your view: most times people are tend to see things from their view even when they are wrong, and hardly do people understand your intentions until it's spilled out. So when ever an argument arise , calmly try to make your partner understand your view to why you have done what you did.

I believe these steps can go a long way to solve issues and avoid argument. Saying that simple "Sorry" and "being silent" is a great tool one can use.


Argument is necessary in every human relationship, as it create more understanding and room for compromise which Better the relationship for greater intimacy. The problem arises where the argument create bitterness and sometimes deteriorate which may even lead to divorce.

The there are step to prevent the argument from leading to bitterness. In every argument with your spouse have this in mind, that the issue of contention is not to win argument but for understanding each other.

Always remain silent when you realise your partner is becoming serious and sometime call him/ her with a pet name, it reduces the tension.

Hold him or her by the hands and said you agree with her point or better still hug her.


Marry someone compatible enough for it to be unnecessary to argue about anything important. You can let the unimportant stuff slide. It's a good idea to marry someone agreeable so that they don't tend to argue too much in the first place. Other than that, there isn't much you can do.


Don’t speak. πŸ˜‚

Arguments HAPPEN. Trying to avoid them is likely to create more problems than accepting them as part of the game and mastering the skills to navigate them wisely.


Stay silent and listen your wifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Or make money and buy everything to your wifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

No more ideaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Arguments happen as a result of difference of opinion. Marriage is a relation where two people of different to tie a knot and live under one roof. Difference of opinion can't be avoided due to different point of view in each matter. However it can be tackle sensibily. Before arguing each other one should know his limits and should try to hit self respect.