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Among the kinds of birds we have. Which bird signifies peace?

I would consider the dove as the kind of birds which signifies peace...

Doves for a long time have really been an actual symbol for an eternal peace..

Almighty GOD also choosed the white dove as a way to actually portray the holy spirit..

Let me also inform us that the Doves are often really wonderful parents and they really do work together equally to actually ensure they raise their younger ones /child rightly, doves are also known to be considered as a true sign of love, sign of faithfulness and also sign of fertility by some cultures and traditions...


We have many birds in this world and in some part of the world or in some individual beliefs, each birds have what it stands or signifies for.

To me, I will say it is a dove, the image and the behaviour of a dove is of a gentle character and not the one that is troublesome or stubborn. There is even a saying when I was in the school years back that "as gentle as a dove".

Dove is so gentle and any living thing that seems gentle seems that the living thing want peace. Gentleness stand for peace.

So I will say a dove is the bird among all birds that signifies peace.