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What gifts do you recommend that one can give to his/her parents this Christmas?

Gifts are subjective and it really depends on specific preference. However there are gift ideas that could be generic but are safe to give to almost everyone.

These are my suggestions:

1. Digital photo album

Ever since, we have been relying to photo albums or frames when it comes to "safe" gifts. Although most of us are already getting bored in receiving it, I think that the modern digital version of it will bring joy to your love. It will be a new way of appreciating their photos without having the trouble to flip a bulky photo frame or album.

2. Scented Candles

If you think that your parents are the type who just want to be relax while seating on a couch, why not give them something that will improve the ambience of their house. A scented candle can also come in design the look like a figurine so if they are not the type who like the scent of burning candle - at least they have a figurine for display.

In this season of giving, our parents are then ones who are dear to us and a simple giving of gifts will definitely give them the happiness that they deserve.


Parents are one of the most selfless individuals I know to ever walked the face of the earth and rarely do I hear them asking for stuff from thwie children for Christmas presents. There are a couple of gift ideas I have in mind for them though.

Time. Children tend to grow up fast. But as we age, we should also realize that our parents age fast as well. We should spend time with them. Go on a movie date, bring them to an amusement park, or a concert perhaps. They spent almost our entire life trying to make us happy. Us children should also spend time to make them happy as well.

Effort. If you are an artsy craftsy type, you can create something for them. Instead of just buying stuff from the mall, make something for them. Maybe a scarf or a shirt or a purse or an artwork or anything at all. They will know you poured your heart out in creating that stuff for them.


@Citimillz, In my opinion the best gift for parents will be, take them to their favourite place and spend time with them because in my opinion parents always pray for the happiness of children, so in my opinion spending quality time with them can bring the smile on their faces. Good wishes from my side.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I guess you know your parents. What are they interested in? What do they like? I think to ask people who do not know your parents are the wrong people to ask.