What do you think of political violence?

Political Violence is a very vague concept. 

I will not be a soyboy who say "all violence is bad".

If some cocksucker wants to punch me, I will punch back. 

And if they want to punch me for political reason, I am punching back because of a political reason. 

So from a certain point of view, "Political Violence" is okay.

And you might say, "Uh, Punching back is not a political statement."

Yes, yes it is. 

Punching back is being an active opposition to whatever political goal the person punching you have to further by punching you.

I am of the opinion that you shouldn't be the one punching first, unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Fuck you pussy anarchists and communists who claim that initiating violence against the political opponents, really is just self-defense. 

No, it's not. 

Unless you'd accept that Neo-nazi going out there and shooting a bunch of people randomly is them exercising their right to self-defend against people who have different opinions.

Opinions are not violence. 

You don't get a pass just because we both disagree with people you wanna punch.

But you want to punch me too, because as we all know "Liberals get the bullet too"

But hey, maybe someone killed another person of the same color or religion as yourself! 

Maybe you're justified to smash a persons who were not involved face in because they just happen to be the other?


You don't get to.

Hope you get a bullet in your brains if you go out there and hurt people who didn't hurt you.

Preferably, I want all people who initiate violence, political or otherwise, to be tried, convicted, and rehabilitated.

I am not calling for anyone to die, 

I am not happy about anyone ending their life prematurely, 

don't get the wrong idea.

Some people, inevitably, will get what's coming to them.



to reiterate.

I am against initiation of violence, political and otherwise.

But to counteract violence with violence is justified in certain situation.


There is nothing to think really in terms of moral standing, as all manner of political violence should be frowned upon.

However, it remains a strong tool used by power grabbers and dictators to wrestle positions for themselves. They use fear, propaganda and actual forced to coerce the populace Into submission.

Another dimension of political violence stems from 'freedom fighters' who use it as a tool to overthrow a sitting leadership. History has shown that these acts are oftentimes selfishly motivated and benefit only the instigators.

Mahatma Gandhi has shown that political revolutions can be achieved without the use of excessive or any violence with the way his struggle created the Indian revolution.

My opinion is that politics has become all too synonymous with violence and should wrongly be equated in the same context.


Political violence is never meant to be but unfortunately, it has grown to be the order of the day, especially in Africa.

I may be unable to speak categorically explicit of all African countries but taking Nigeria (my country) as a sample case, then, it is something I personally and we generally are not proud of.

Political violence leads directly or indirectly to the destruction of lives and properties. Group fighting, retaliations, planned attacks, mob beating, etc are all things that characterise this shameful act.

As if that is not enough, these acts transmit into election violence with ballot snatching, compelled voting, election rigging, etc.

The most saddening part is that the elite who are the chief perpetrators of this evil, employ the hungry man out there, taking advantage of the fact that he is sourcing for a means of livelihood, give him guns and arms with peanuts as compensation. Their own children are safe, healthy and sound in the comfort of luxury, faraway from the scenes of these shameful acts

The ones who even get huge amounts of money as fees for carrying out these things sometimes end up dead, hence, they cannot even benefit from the dividends of their "Labour".

Political Violence has no benefit whatsoever, rather it has succeeded in building more friction and foe amongst ourselves. The earlier we work towards bettering the situation, the safer for our future.

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