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List out the positions and functions of each one a soccer game?


I want to first of all include the goalkeeper who is the first and foremost part of the defence in a football game his responsibilities are to keep the ball out of the net and out of the goal post he is surrounded by 4 defenders who are namely the left back, the right back and the two centre backs of course the example of my defence line in a football formation is a 4-4-2 formation and the jobs of the defenders is to assist the goalkeeper in protecting the back line as well as helping the midfielders too . without the defenders then conceding goals in a football match would be very easy so the defence line in a soccer game is actually to defend balls from their opponent and prevent them from actually scoring goals I have been a defender in the past and it is the most difficult position in a football game.


The midfield players act as a channel between the attack and the defence even when the defence is the most difficult position the midfield is the most attentive position this means that when you are a midfielder you have to co-ordinate and play in the middle of the field/pitch collecting the balls from the defenders in order to pass it to the attackers in front so the midfielders are always the one in the centre and they are the orchestrated between the defence and the attack so midfielders need attentiveness in order to play well and balance the game. So even inside the midfield we have the attacking midfield and the defending midfield. The defending midfielders help more of the defenders while the attacking midfielders helps the strikers.


These are the people tasked with the responsibility of scoring goals, their jobs are often difficult as well because they have the defenders of the opponent and their goalkeeper to contend with so no matter how it may be difficult for them their sole duty is always to score goals I actually feeding off from the passes of the midfielders in order to beat the opponent goalkeeper and defenders in order to score goals, so this is the third and final position in a football / soccer game. In other words we have supporting strikers and the main strikers when it comes to the striking position however their main job and duty is always to score goals


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