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What do you think would have become of man if the life of humans was in a single man's hands?

What the heck?

My life in a single man's hand? I'd rather die than live as a slave to him for the rest of my life.

Because that's what's gonna happen.

I think we are gonna live like slaves.

Because he would do to us as he pleases. We would always have to do his bid and if we don't, we would be punished severely.


Honestly if our lives was in the hand of single man then we might run into a very big problem especially if the man is a heartless person that do not also care about the feelings of others...such person would make the lives of humans to become miserable and so void of peace,happiness,love..etc.....i am sure no human would want that...

but i also believe that if the person holding all our lives is a very good person with good conscience then of course we humans would to an extent still have a wonderful life,we would still be able to do things that makes us have a happy life,we would still be able to live our life according to our desires and goals because the person holding our lives gave us freedom to create our goals and dreams....

But sincerely we humans are not perfect and we do make some mistakes which could be damaging to our lives,now imagine putting the lives of everyone on the hands of another human??that would be very disastrous....


The man would have become nothing. Because if surely man is controlled as the way man wanted to he control or if the life of a man is in the hands of of a single man hands, then many people would have really regretted ever been born including me.

So I will say the man would have become a life full of regretting and sadness.