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What do you think makes prayer an important thing in life?

The first thing is that prayer is biblically necessary and I'll be providing a few bible verses to support the authentication of prayers in the bible.

Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing;

when you look at this bible verses you will discover that the bible makes references to the importance of prayer and as a christian the bible stresses the importance of prayer and the reasons why people must pray , people must pray not to fall into temptation just like jesus was tempted when he was doing his fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. We must also pray for the guidance of the holy spirit. The holy spirit is an essential part of the christian life and it is important to have the holy spirit in order to make decisions that comes with life and it's everyday activities when we have the holy spirit then we will have the spirit of excellence which can make us excel in things like our studies or in even leadership position.

Prayer is important because it is as a result of prayer that we can listen and hear the voice of God. The bible invite christians to play in order to establish fellowship with God. Jesus christ has paid for the remission of sins on the cross in order for mankind to have a lasting relationship with God and the only way to do this is by a close contact in prayer so prayer is like a ladder through which we can climb onto the throne of grace of God.

Another importance of prayer is because prayer helps us to open doors and brings us unprecedented breakthrough; it's not every time that one faces good times and that's what the bible says call upon me in the time of trouble. So prayer is essential in order to help us get rid of our problems and trying times in general sometimes persecutions and trial things like poverty and want . The psalmist of david says the lord is my shepherd and I shall never want . so if you recognise yourself as a bonafide son of the creator of the universe then you must know that you needn't trouble yourself when you have hardship and that you can call upon God, so seeking answers and solution to our problems makes prayer very important in our lives.


Prayer is very essential in our daily lives as it served as both the weapon and the shield of a believer. The main purpose of religion is prayer because it helps us to communicate and interact with the Supreme being (God) who owns religion. In life, there are meant to be some unexpected set backs, challenges or difficulties which we may experience but the only way to solve such problem is by praying because prayer can solve any problem if you truly believe in the statement "with God everything is possible".

There are also some other spiritual creatures which can't be seen by men. These creatures are mostly used by the sooth sayers, witches and evil doers which helps them to manifest their mission in some people's lives. The only way to protect yourself from this hazardous evil is by praying because prayer will serve as a shield for you against any evil from the evil doers.

Since this question has to do with the concept of religion, I have no doubt that most religious people will surely believe in paradise (heaven) and hell. We all want to enter heaven so that we can enjoy our lives till eternity and we don't want to be in hell because we can't bear the pain of hell till eternity. The best way to make this happen is also by praying because prayer can lead you to paradise.

Prayer is also very important in our lives because it enables us to ask anything from our Lord no matter how big or how small it is and our Lord will surely respond to our prayers if we have hope in him.

In conclusion, prayer is very essential in the life of man because it helps us both in this world and the hereafter. We just have to be sincere and have hope in yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


What makes prayer an important thing is life is the fact that it is our conversation with God. Through prayer we are engaged in a one on one meeting with Him. We may not see Him or hear Him answer but we believe that He is present listening to what we pray.

What should be present when we pray?

There are 3 parts that should be present in our prayer so that our conversation with God will be complete.

1. investigation of conscience.  On this part, we tell God all our sins and shortcomings committed during the day especially we don't go to confession everyday.  Here, we ask to be reconciled with God. How can we be reconciled if we don't admit our sins?

2. thanksgiving. On this part, we show God how thankful we are for the blessings that he showered to us. There are many things that we need to be thankful for. Even if you think you had a bad day, the mere fact that we are alive is a thing to be thankful for. 

3. petitions. On this part, we ask what we need. We ask for graces to overcome temptations, to pass an exam, for food on the table. Anything we ask to the Lord is on this part.

The 3 parts should be present to have a complete prayer. It is not a healthy prayer if you ask directly for blessings even if you are not reconciled yet. If you hurt someone, do you think he will give you what you ask knowing you did not admit you are at fault? Also, if you do not show gratefulness to someone who gave you something, do you think he will continue to give? To make sure that our petitions will be heard, those 3 parts should be present. 

But it does not mean that if you include the 3 parts in your prayer, it is guaranteed that God will give you what you asked for. Sometimes, He gives us not we want, but something that we need. 


In my opinion, there are many reasons why prayer is an important thing in life and here some of the reasons: 

1. Prayer is a communication form to improve ourselves

Prayer is a form of communication between human, the creation and God, the creator. It would improve ourselves in faith, believe and also strength. 

2. Prayer is a confession of our limitations

We realize that we are only a human-being, with all of the limitations. We have to drag ourselves to God, who have no limitations, to help us and also accompany us to face up our daily life.

3.  Prayer is an asking for God involvement

By prayer, we ask for God involvement in our daily life. We ask for God accompany to help us bare burden that we couldn't handled.

Hopefully, it would help.