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What is self esteem?

Self esteem encompasses ones belief about self. It could be positive or negative. It's just how one sees himself. I noticed people regard self esteem as self pride but that's a total misconception. One can esteem himself or herself as being brilliant and feels Happy about it.

Self esteem is important to scientist, they use it to analyze an individuals ability , his emotions, satisfaction, happiness in a person's marriage or relationship and his criminal behavior.

Self esteem is judged by how one act, either he believes in himself or not, Happy about himself or not and others use these to judge ones attitude, because they value one based on how much he or she esteem himself or herself


In a few words, these are the ideas and feelings we feel for ourselves. It is also considered the capacity we have to love and respect ourselves. Self-esteem demonstrates how satisfied we are with ourselves. This feeling can be positive or negative. The more positive feelings and ideas we have, the better our self-esteem.

Self-esteem is seen as one of the factors that taint any human relationship. It influences our personality and all the relationships we have with others. Having good self-esteem is synonymous with good mental health.