Is it right for the husband to help the wife out in the kitchen?

Is there a law that says that kitchen is solely the woman's job? Please if you find it let me know.. So I think the husband should help out his wife in the kitchen besides it even helps them to bond more..

All these is a matter of understanding between the couples..



Absolutely. Nothing helps bonding more than the sharing of house chores.

I am not a good cook, but I can sub in case of emergency and keep the family afloat with rice, arepas, sandwiches, fried fish/eggs and soup :)

Besides not being much of a talker, nothing makes my wife sadder than leaving her alone in the kitchen. I try to help as much as I can getting some of the ingredients ready, helping serve and doing the dishes (this one is my full-time chore, I have no problem doing it).

In recent days we have been learning some desert recipes because we like to eat sweet stuff a lot. That is a fun thing to do with one’s espouse. Children value those activities; they also want to participate and that’s something that we should promote and encourage. I have seen families that forbid children from entering the kitchen. In my family we were expected to participate from running the errands to doing the dishes. That provides a sense of responsibility and self-reliance.

I think that in this day and age there is no room for sexist ideas regarding gender-specific chores and the kitchen, one of the most important rooms in the household cannot be the sole territory of females. Men can learn to be better husbands and parents by sharing those spaces that have been traditionally confined to the “fairer sex.”

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In our teachings, cooking, washing clothes, and breastfeeding children is not the wife's obligation.

It's just that Muslim women especially Indonesian women do all their homework. And husbands work outside the home to make money for living expenses.

in the perspective of fiqh munakahat, the obligation of women only in the bed to serve their husbands (serving the sexual needs of their husbands).

If a woman does all the housework such as cooking in the kitchen, and washing clothes at the well, then it all becomes her worship deed (source of reward).

There is nothing wrong, if the husband helps his wife in the kitchen in terms of cooking. Because in essence, it is the duty of the husband. If the husband does not have time, the husband must pay someone else as a helper at his home.

If the husband helps his wife cook in the kitchen, it is a sign that the husband knows himself and knows that it is not the wife's job.

So, it is very good if the husband wants to help his wife in the kitchen or other homework.


In a household, cooperation between husband and wife is needed. Even though there may be division of tasks, helping to alleviate the duties of the husband or wife's duty is not a mistake.

I am personally in the household we develop, in my daily life I often help my wife cook, even though I realize I am not good at cooking, but I help her in preparing ingredients and spices. Not only cooking, I also often help my wife wash clothes or wash the dishes after we finish eating. I did it with sincerity and my desire, there was no compulsion from my wife.

Helping my wife in cooking or washing dishes or clothes is very pleasant for me. This is one way in order to strengthen my relationship with my wife, in doing this homework we often joke so that this work does not become a burden to us. Especially on weekends, I often help my wife to traditional markets, clean houses together, sometimes wash cars together.

In essence, in a household, a husband not only helps cook, but also helps other homework. Because it can relieve the wife's work and also strengthen husband and wife relations.


If you asked my wife, the answer would be hell fuckin' yes. If I tried to decline using that line of argumentation, I'd most likely receive a blow over the head with a frying pan. LOL

I actually make dinner a couple of times a week when my wife is busy with work. And I always clean the kitchen because I'm not happy with the way my wife does it and because it would be unfair to expect her to do that, too. We share household chores roughly 50/50 because we both have jobs. If either of us lost our jobs, we'd expect the unemployed one to take on a lion's share of the housework.


Yes of course. I help out loads every day. It is unfair to expect one person to just do all the kitchen chores.

If I am cooking then other family members do the dishes and load the dishwasher. I will then do the same if someone else is cooking. Cooking food should be a sociable event and if everyone helps or assists in some way it is more enjoyable.

It is not just the domain of the females in the house and men need to do their bit. It shows your appreciation and by helping it is quality time spent together. relationships are meant to be 50/50 and even if you can't cook you can help somewhere. Who knows you may enjoy it and have some hidden cooking talents.


Absolutely! That's what I do. The fact that we have 3 children and I stays far to my family during weekdays because of my job then went back to them every weekends to help my wife to the kitchen, laundry and other household chores. I know how hard it is for her to handle 3 children and do household chores at the same time. So instead of me having my restdays during weekends I spend it doing her job and I let her rest in which she was very thankful of. She really appreciates what I do and I feel she loves me more.😃


I don't know about other men but in my opinion i see nothing wrong with that. I mean, i have been cooking before i met my wife, so why will i suddenly leave everything to her if i can help?

The truth is, i believe i will love my wife very much and i will not like to make her suffer in the kitchen all alone. I want to maybe help her out with the chores too.

Plus, i don't like the idea of getting a househelp so it is but normal that there will be a lot to do not only in the kitchen but the house. So my wife will have a lot on her plate. Helping her out in the kitchen will not be such a bad idea. Plus, we can get chatting about so many things and can really turn out the time in the kitchen into a fun filled moment.


Its absolutely right by all means. Most times there's a lot of heated argument as to whether the man or woman should or should not do certain things in a marriage. 

The truth is that both husband and wife are made to help one another and to complement each other's  effort.  There's no doubt that men and women has some tasks that they're supposed to perform. In the case of cooking and related activities its clearly that of the woman. 

Even at that there's nothing wrong in the man sometimes helping out when he can or when he recognized the need.  The same applies to the woman.  

If the man and the woman can realize this, there'll be very little friction in marriage.

I hope I made some sense. 


Yes! The husband should be willing to die for his loved ones. So simply helping out around the house is necessary.

If the man is not working he should be put to work. If the other members of the family are helping out.

If there are situations where he can be excused. Of course that would not be a issue.

Especially if it would make the wife happy. And if there are more hands to do a task normally the tasks are completed much quicker. Which in turn means more time spent enjoy each other's company.


Yes, absolutely. Kitchen is not exclusively for women, men can also help or even take over. In some cultures that's not possible but I don't agree. I don't see why men can't help. Look at the great chefs in the world, look at how many men you can see. They are excellent in the kitchen. 

Besides, there's plenty to do in a household, especially if there are kids in the family. Help is always good and if there's love and understanding, men are helping. That's reality. 


To build a family requires cooperation between husband and wife. Husband besides looking for money for family needs. He can also help his wife in the kitchen when he has free time. The dignity of a husband will not fall if he helps his wife in the kitchen. In fact this collaboration makes the family more harmonious and happy.


Yes. By all means. What if your partner gets sick? Do you let her starve? It is funny, but a lot of men seem to behave like a vampire in sunlight when they have to do housework or even... enter a kitchen....;)


That's totally right! It must always be so. A husband who helps in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and tidying up is a being from another world and is greatly valued, there are very few like that. Really, a man who cooks, falls in love.

Mine is an excellent cook, he is in charge with a lot of dedication and interest to please me with his meals. He is a good companion and collaborator, I can't complain.

 These days the chores of the home must be shared because it makes the relationship between husband and wife more sincere, more considerate and more loving.

I once read out there in a study that it was made that husbands who liked to cook were very good in bed. Good lovers and always willing to give pleasure. I believe in statistics ;)


I don't see anything wrong with that at all. In fact, I clean up the kitchen all the time. Because  me and my wife are a team,  we work together, so she cooks and I clean up the kitchen afterwards.  


Why not? - It was really cool when my husband could ease his wife's burden. Especially, when the wife has become a mother.

Imagine, they risked their lives to give birth to your children. Certainly, a husband must give them privileges.


There's is nothing write or wrong about this. It just between two people who understands themselves better than anyone could. It might be wrong for someone and right for another.



We are help meet not house maid so it is not out of place for a man to help in the kitchen


I nothing it's not the question of right. It's all about how much you care each other.  House hold work like kitchen is the domain of women. Work can be done far better if the women run the kitchen however helping women is a good thing. It is good for healthy relation and it will also help men to get familiar with kitchen work.


It's perfectly fine.


Of course, it's a big "YES". Helping your wife in all aspects is the greatest thing that a husband can do. Kitchen works at home is not a "reduction of manhood". Helping your wife in kitchen works can help make your relationship stronger.


Definitely.Cooking isn't solely the purview of the wife,the husband should not only help out in the kitchen but should take the initiative and surprise the family once in a while by preparing breakfast or dinner.