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Mention your favourite colour and it's significance?


first, it symbol my philosophy. I believe that most issues in life are always black and white. most times, they are in the gray. it's the same with people. people aren't just good or bad. they usually have a mixture of these traits.

Plus, I like my cloths gray. With gray trousers, I can put on almost any colour of shirt. Plus, dust stains don't show on gray trousers. Considering I don't like doing my laundry very often, this is grand


Mine is BLUE.

As I read about the meaning of colour blue, the three things that I think fits best to my personality are: STABILITY, LOYALTY, & CALM.

I'm the type of person that will always look for a balance in every aspect of my life.

As I go through life, I tend to stick to a direction that will lead me to my goal.

With stability and loyalty - I will be able to achieve a state of calmness that I truly desire.


In color psychology, each color has its own meaning.  In the study of psychology, the color can be related for explaining my character.

My favorite color is orange. The orange color is a combination of red and yellow. And it gives the impression of warmth and enthusiasm and is a symbol of adventure, optimes, confidence and the ability to socialize.

The color orange is a melting of red and yellow, meaning both giving a strong and warm one.

Orange is a color of calm that is related to the warmth and strength of a relationship.

This color blends with the nuances of autumn and the nuances of beauty, such as sunset colors that have their own qualities.

I think, the favorite color is very important because in psychology, can know the attitude, a person's character through or based on his favorite color.


I love the color red. Indisputably I am a red woman! 

Red symbolizes power, action, color that is associated with vitality, ambition and passion, and that's who I am.

Red also brings self-confidence, courage, courage and an optimistic attitude to life, and that's who I am.

Success, triumph, war, blood, strength, taking action and achieving your goals. Are you describing me?  

It is a total activating color. If you have depression or decay and visualize with this color, you get encouraged, stimulated, activated and recover the desire to live. So call me!

In all cultures is the color of blood, fire, love, eroticism, sex, passion, pleasure ... It is very daring, so it is used in all areas to attract attention. Hence they see the symbology with the heart, with red flowers or with lips painted 

But it has its negative aspect and can express anger. It can also produce too much nervousness and excitement, so it is not advisable to paint a bedroom red, because it would prevent us from falling asleep.

If we are surrounded by too much red, it can influence us negatively and make us irritable, impatient and nonconformist.

So keep your distance...


I like all colors.  I like the colors of the rainbow, the color of the sunsets, the color of the sea, the color of the whole nature.  I appreciate the colors of life, including the shades of black and white that can appear even if we don't like them. But I have a special taste for rosés in all their range.  It seems to me a sublime color, tender and full of charm. According to psychology, pink is a relaxing colour associated with affection, love, surrender, generosity and protection. I feel that I agree with all this, that is to say, I fully identify with pink.


Orange. Don't why, I just like morning and evening colors of the sun.