Which is the best dApp on the steem blockchain?

In my honest opinion it is musing and it may not be that popular at the moment in comparison to other DApps but is in the process of becoming the best DApp on steem blockchain. On various parameters like user interface, rewards, questions & answers it is looking as a real professional Q&A platform and if you check the reward distribution also it is way up as compared to other DApps. Although the structure and purpose of different DApps are different from each other, yet on a comparative basis musing is really doing good and not to forget it is still in its early stage, so I firmly believe that with the passage of time it will also prove to be the most popular DApp on steem blockchain. I also believe that it can contribute a lot more value to the steem blockchain in terms of user engagement, because a Q&A platform always brings value based debate to the forefront.

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Without a doubt, there are a bunch of awesome Dapps that recently emerge and are proven to be useful to the users. Let me give you a quick list of my two favorite Dapps that I use everyday.

1. Steempeak

Among all Dapps that I have used, steempeak.com is truly one of the best that truly revolutionized my steemit experience: posting, voting, & commenting. I honestly feel that the devs really think out of the box on the features that they added to the interface. In addition, the fluidity on the functionality has truly surpass the steemit.com's interface. It was ahead of its time.

I just wish that they came in sooner during the peak of steem's activity since it addressed the previous concerns that early adapters had been requesting before.

2. Musing

I'm a big fan of "simplicity"! And if there is one Dapp that I will use even if I feel tired from a day of work ~ that is musing.io

I guess, this is the only Dapp that allows us to freely express our curiosity and share our ideas with like minded individuals of the blockchain. It's also the only Dapp that is doing a great job in effectively distributing rewards among its contributors.

So, basically these are the Dapps that used in my everyday steemit  posting & engagement.


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Now these days DApps support too much steemit plateform.Without DApps steemit not survive as much as now in this situation. If DApps not  support Steemian lot of steemian leave this plate form because of steem down.This is my personal point of view different people have different opinion about that. DApps Play very important role in these days.

These are the apps which are mostly like to use.

  1. @dtube
  2. @musing
  3. @steemhunt
  4. @esteem
  5. @Busy.org

These DApps are my priority 1 to 5.1 is my top priority and then second and third and fourth. I always post my content through DApps. This is only hope for me now in this situation. Different people have different skills that's why they like different Dapps. I mostly make video content that's why I like the Dtube and share my life and different experience though DTube Vlog and tutorial videos.

Musing is my an other periority which I mostly like When i need to Know something which i can’t understand i just write question about it and ask from my steemit coummuntiy and get most relivent answer mostly .I learn  too much from @musing. When ever I have any problem on steemit i put question on musing and get proper answer. 

Steemhunt  Is my third preference but this is the most amazing Dapps which Pay almost daily if you are hunt is productive and full of Information and according to their guideline.

Esteem is my 4th  preference when I capture some picture and I want to share some content through mobile phone I mostly used Esteem application for sharing my content.

busy.org have also good platform. If you use busy tag in you into your post then you get upvote from busy.org and next good thing is busy.org have good interface and toolbar which provide you multi option to write your content in with different style. 

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It depends what you are looking for. Different dApps can offer you different things. For me there are three dApps at the moment that I use. 

One is Musing, which helps me in lots of ways. I can answer interesting questions, practice my English and read about interesting topics, not to mention the rewards for answering questions. 

The other is eSteem, I'm using both mobile and desktop version to post and engage on Steemit. It helps a lot because I can have all on both, desktop and mobile. It has some nice giveaways as well, you can earn by commenting and being active and eSteem Discord. 

The third is Actifit which helps me track my steps and earn token in the same time. 

You can check out SteemMonsters if you are a gamer, there are some nice rewards there. Partiko also rewards users for commenting and engaging. 


One of my favorite  dApp to acess steem blockchain is @Partiko.

You can access steem blockchain on your android phone by using @Partiko.

They have a very clean and easy to user interface.

What is great about @Partiko is that the voting bar is very easy to use and you can select what percent vote to give for a post.


I have used some dapp on the steem blockchain and I honestly find musing.io as the best dapp on the Steen blockchain,I am not saying this because I am on musing.io right now,but I am just being sincere and

giving my own opinion,musing.io is a wonderful dapp which is easy to access and a user can gain a lot of knowledge from the platform,you also get to meet a lot of people who are also passionate about the

cryptocurrency market,you as a user can even still earn some steem while accessing and sharing knowledge through this great platform...