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How do you deal with trust problems in a relationship?

Trust is the foundation of a relation. Once it broke, there is no way the relationship feels the same as before. People may not notice the change in that relation, but the two people know what is going on to them. 

It would be the best thing to do, if you feel any trust issue, is -sit down and have a talk with the other one. Talk about what is making you feel uncomfortable and why you are predicting something wrong. If the other person opens up, then talk about how you both are gonna try to make the relationship works. 

I would choose to rebuild the relation with much love and care if possible. As when we feel the trust we may not feel the love feeling anymore or on the way it should be. But believe me, this is the best thing to do. Just try to forget it, or ignore it. I know this is not very easy. But it works best.

Do not focus on the particular matter, rather focus on how you both are gonna find a way to gain trust again and rebuild a better relationship. Forgiving, understanding, showing respect and giving time to the relationship is the best way to deal with a trust issue. 

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Seriously, dealing with trust problem is a very hard nut to crack, because past experience is involved . I think the best thing to do is , forget the past and start the relationship on a new ground believing you are starting with someone new and different.

First ask yourself if you are trust worthy and if you get a yes, then believe there are people who are actually trustworthy as you are. People are different so are their attitude. If you learn this, then you might learn to deal with anyone as a different person instead of relating him or her with past experience and others.


A relationship will possibly have trust issues in the event that somebody has officially damaged the trust. Perhaps your trust was damaged in a past relationship, and you are presently attempting to confide in your present accomplice. Or then again perhaps your present accomplice has accomplished something dishonest and you have to figure out how to confide in him/her once more.

The key to re-building trust is add up to responsibility on the two sides. There are no puzzling nonappearances or telephone discussions and no privileged insights. A reliable accomplice is upbeat to tell you where they are going, when they will be home and their identity conversing with on the telephone. In the event that your accomplice can't or won't give you this dimension of consolation, it probably won't be the correct relationship for you, and you will think that its simpler to revamp your trust issues without the conniving individual in your life.