Can a pregnant woman still have sex?
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Yes..it is necessary for the husbands to still make love to their wives. It's not only good for wife,it will help in having a healthy pregnancy. She will be emotionally stable.

She won't really have dificulty when she is due for delivery.

Yeah a pregnant woman can have sex....

Well a Sex during the pregnancy is actually safe if the woman is really having a normal pregnancy without complications...

it is true that During pregnancy the urge for sex varies for different women,it is often known that Some women do feel like having sex during pregnancy because during that period they are

usually lubricated and that enables them to really engage in smooth sex...some pregnant woman do not like or enjoy sex during pregnancy..... some women might not really feel like experiencing sex during their first trimester and they might end up having urge for sex during the remaining trimesters of the pregnancy....

So the fact is that having sex during pregnancy is actually safe when the pregnant woman and her partner take precautions,,for example while they are having oral sex,they should learn to make use of a good dental dab to actually prevent the transfer of infection to the pregnant woman..as a man ensure that you do not blow air into the vagina of your wife... ..

Urge to have Change of sex positions commonly occurs among many pregnant people and it is natural to feel that way and that occurs because naturally a pregnant woman tend to be undergoing many biological or hormonal changes. ...

Avoid resting your weight on the pregnant woman when having sex with her,if possible please avoid the missionary sex with your woman when she is pregnant especially during the last semesters..... also make sure that you Do not hesitate stopping in between when having sex with your pregnant partner....

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Oh, sure. Having sex while you are pregnant is not dangerous and does no harm to the baby. Unless medically indicated due to some complication, far from being harmful, having sex during pregnancy is beneficial for both the couple and the baby. For example: Due to the action of pregnancy hormones, the mother's blood flow increases by almost 50 percent. Especially the pelvic region receives a higher blood risk making sexual intercourse more pleasurable and orgasms more intense. There are even women who have never experienced an orgasm before, and do so for the first time in pregnancy. Also, sex reduces the pain of contractions. It is recommended to maintain relations to diminish the intense pains that precede the childbirth, although not to practice it once they have broken waters, for the risk of infection. In addition, during the last months of gestation, sex helps the mother prepare for childbirth because the oxytocin produced during the female orgasm causes contractions in the uterus.  Having sex towards the end of pregnancy can help trigger labour when it does not arrive.

Not to mention that the best remedy against worries and bad moods is sex. The orgasm produces the release of endorphins, natural chemicals in the body that make us feel good and improve our mood.

As you can see, it's a myth that pregnant women can't have sex. It can and is excellent for her and the baby.


Only thing is, as the pregnancy progresses, she might feel tired easily.

Plus. You would be able to try out those styles you're used to due to physical constraints

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