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Is it possible to get married to someone without dating?

Yes, very possible. We know that many couples from the old days until now are married without dating, I am one of them.

When I was single, I was one of the adventurers of love, I had a lot of relationships with the women I loved. But at that time I began to realize, sometimes the relationship that I built was often constrained by the blessing of parents, both from my parents, or from my spouse's parents. It is all done by parents to ensure the future of their children.

Because of these factors, when it was time for me to get married, I asked my parents to find a mate for me. I am sure of my parents' choice, because they certainly will not trap their children in destruction and evil.

When the girl I was about to marry was determined, I was only presented with a photo of the girl by my parents, I immediately thought of agreeing to my parents' choice.

Before the wedding was held, I only once met the girl I was going to marry. We met at his home accompanied by his parents. I came to his house by myself.

After the marriage, I and my wife always communicate well so that the seeds of love arise. Even though there is a small fight in the household, we can always finish it with a cool head. After a fight, we introspect and correct each other's shortcomings while discussing the best formula without hurting our feelings anymore. And there is a lesson behind our little fight, because after a fight, our relationship is getting closer and the feeling of longing is getting stronger.

I honestly say that our marriage to this day is fine, even though this relationship is not based on courtship. Because love between us was born after marriage.


Yes, in some cultures this is normal. I don't agree anddon't like these arranges marriages. I believe in freedom and I thinks each person should decide for him/herself who to marry and when. 

Knowing your spouse before marriage is essential for a good marriage that should be built on trust, respect, and love. How can you love and trust someone if you don't know the person? Life is changing, people are changing and I hope these arranged marriages will disappear soon. 


Yes it's very much possible and still happening around the world.

I'm from a conservative Muslim country and it is very common here.

Making the marriage happy is not depends on whether you date with someone before marriage or not. It mostly depends on which social or religious values you holds and in which culture you bought up.

Here in my country, dating before marriage is a less encouraging thing. Parents used to choose bride or groom for their son or daughter. 

As we grew up in such a culture where we don't get much chance to meet a boy or girl, so this seems normal to us.

Another thing is, we brought up by knowing our parents would choose our partners for us. And as in our culture we still sometimes live with our parents after marriage so that also matters.

All this build up a understanding in us that's help us to accept the partner we do not know much and didn't date with.

Mutual respect, admiration, understanding and love makes the relationship happy.

Maybe without knowing each other took time to get used to each other. But it is not possible.

Half of my family members got married like this including my parents and they are living a happy married life. I respect who chooses other path but I also believe there is nothing negative about it.


I know that it is common practice for a lot of people but from my point of view marrying a stranger who you never dated before is borderline madness. How on earth should that work....ever. Tradition is one thing. But how can you marry a partner only for the sake of a tradition and for the sake of making children without ever knowing who that person is. Sorry guys and gals I cannot understand that. I try to see it as objective as possible. But my innermost beliefs reject that concept simply from the viewpoint of a rational human being. Eell, everybody should do in that regard what he or she likes. Good luck and I hope sincerely it somehow will work out for you against all odds.


Yes as this practice has been happening for centuries in certain cultures. Does it work and are the couples happy is another question though.

I think couples who haven't dated need to at least know each other and at least get on. I don't like the practice of someone else choosing for me. I think that dating someone is the fun part of a relationship. I would hate to miss out on that part and feel kind of cheated.

This is where one gets the feelings required by dating. How do you fall in love after you are already married. It is basically like dating someone knowing you are already managed and can't change your mind.



That's exactly what happens in arranged marriages or when parents pick wives/husbands for their children.


Yes, it's possible

I'm sure many people get married without dating. Why? They can get to know each other after marriage. Their lives will be wonderful to get to know their partners. Imagine if you date a few years and when you get married, your life will be boring because you already know her in detail.