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What are the effect of inferiority complex?

The Inferiority complex do actually stems from an actual low self-esteem. Inferiority complex is an actual anifestation of a low self-esteem and also it refers to how the individual's constant thoughts of inadequacies and self-doubts fo really affect their emotions, also their interactions, their relationships, and their general view about life...

in other words inferiority complex makes a person feel less of himself or herself and that could turn to depression and we all know how dangerous depression could be to our physical and mental health....



People who suffer from inferiority complex usually find it difficult to make decisions this is because there is always a sense of self doubt as to whether they're doing the right thing or not. there is always an uncertainty in whatever they do they always find it very difficult to stick to their own decision especially when there are so many people are advising them on the things they do, it makes them a target of peer pressure because they feel inferior as to whether they look good or not or whether they can make a statement in public and have people listen to them.

They are not able to stand up for themselves and do what they think is right instead they always feel that there is always a shortcoming about them as a result of maybe things they have not done right in the past. So there are always unable to make decisions especially when it comes to a matter of life and death people who have inferiority complex find it difficult to hold down a job because they are characterized by mistakes as a result of not knowing if they are doing the right thing or not and most of the time they end up listening to people because they do not have trust in themselves.


Another thing is that people who suffer from inferiority complex are easily manipulated because they do not have strong will, neither are they uniquely egotistic which makes them lose their pride it seems they lack a sort of dominion and as a result they allow their friends control their lives. They can easily get into bad things for example people who suffer from inferiority complex can be brainwashed into doing things they can't do and because they do not trust themselves they are very easy to bend especially by people who want to take advantage of them for their own purpose.

People who suffer from inferiority complex can be manipulated by jihadist organisations with government vendetta they are always ignorance and always wait for people to teach them or assert their control over them they are however unspoken in public they can be preyed upon in public and expecially for nefarious purposes.