Which free music upload site can you recommend for an artiste?
I know a few sites where I can upload my songs to as a musician but I will like to know more.

Depends. You mean JUST to remain on their platform...?

Soundcloud is probably the top.

dSound would be Steem’s version.

A couple more cool blockchain-based ones that are up and running already are Ujo and Choon.

And if you’d be looking for something free to get your music onto iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, and a number of other online retailers, Stem.is does that great (and is also using blockchain).


Here is my selection of good current hosts giving you exportable players for remote streaming:

  • Bandcamp.com
  • Soundcloud.com
  • Mixcloud

These sites are perfect for storing and discovering music, but are much less efficient when it comes to other types of files. For storage of your .xrns files, you have a wide variety of choices. I can recommend reliable and free cloud:

  • Dropbox
  • Mediafire

Soundcloud to get exposure. Dsound or other crypto related artist platforms.



One of the best platforms where you can upload your music is Dsound  ,my dear friend. This is a decentralized platform built on the block chain of steamed.

This means that everything you post there can generate rewards. And beside you can give you to meet and expose your art in an effective manner.

It is one of the best options that I know of. You will earn money and you will know. There are also teams of curators who interested in new talent. They provide you support and you can get very far using Dsound.