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Why must we pay tithes in Church?

Well first things first, nobody said you MUST pay tithes in church, that's just what alot of Pastors nowadays will have you believe. The bible has lots of references where it shows people paying their tithes and how the tithes are to be paid, but I don't believe there's any part that's clearly stated that you must carry all of your tithe and give it directly to the church.

There's nothing wrong with paying a portion of your tithes to the church, after all they're the ones that provide the preachers that teach us about the word of God and lead us spiritually and there are instances in the Bible were tithes were paid to the Levites for their service in Israel, but there are also instances in the Bible where tithes were used to take care of the poor, the orphans and the sick so that implies that not all tithes should be paid to the church.

All I'm trying to say is that paying tithes is important, scripturally, a tenth of all you make belongs to God, but how you pay that money to God is based on your own discretion. If you decide to use it to help out the poor or orphans, it's up to you. In fact in the Bible some tithes were used to prepare for celebrations and festivals. Paying your tithes is necessary, but giving all of it to the church isn't, you can decide to give a portion of it to the church and then another portion to the poor.

I hope this helps.