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Does alcohol have any advantage on a human body?

Yes. Alcohol can reduce  the risk of cardiovascular diseases,  gallstones, diabetes, can lower the risk of developing dementia,  Red wine is known to increase blood pressure. 

Needless to say that we are talking about moderate alcohol consumption. However, no matter what benefits alcohol has, I wouldn't treat myself using alcohol. I have low blood pressure that affects my daily activity sometimes,  and am constantly told to drink red whine which I refuse. 

I'd say alcohol is for moderate consumption at parties and occasions but not for treatment of any kind. 


in my opinion, I don't really know about the excess alcohol for the body. and now many people say that drinking small amounts of alcohol will be beneficial for reducing blood sugar levels. I don't know whether it's true or not. even though it's true, it's very difficult now to get alcohol which can reduce blood sugar levels. because now alcoholic beverages have been mixed with various kinds of ingredients in it.

and even if someone gets alcohol which can reduce blood sugar levels, we cannot be sure whether he consumes alcohol a little or not. and now many people want to try alcohol a little, but make it addictive so that it makes them consume more alcohol.

therefore I say consuming alcohol is more of a loss that is gained than profit. because if someone consumes too much alcohol, it will cause various health problems.

Like the irritation of the stomach lining. this is certain because a lot of medical research says that alcohol contains many acids which cause the stomach lining to become irritated

Kidney failure

Alcoholic beverages also cause the kidneys to work harder. if this is done continuously, then over time it will cause damage to kidney function

decreased body balance fluid

Someone who consumes a lot of alcoholic drinks will cause him to crave. so that it will affect the balance of his body. besides what I mentioned, there are still many other effects from alcoholic beverages.


I would say it has a lot of advantages on the human body. Obviously if taken in moderation and not stupid drinking mind you.

Red wine is a known factor for helping r to increase blood pressure. it helps with reducing diabetes. It helps open up your veins by thinning the blood slightly.

i think the main one is to help you relax though. Forget all the other health benefits but having a relaxing drink after  a stressful day is the way to kickback and relax. Let your stresses disappear and unwind. This is so helpful and is underestimated how much it can helps someone. Too much stress is a killer and allowing one or two drinks to take you away from your troubles is important.


yes. One of the most consistent findings in the world of nutrition lately is that small amounts of alcohol consumption can improve general health and lead to longevity.

Health benefits of alcohol range from strengthening the brain, to curing colds and colds.

Consuming too much alcohol is also dangerous for health.


Drinking alcohol may offer some medical benefits, particularly for your heart. Then again, an excess of alcohol may expand your danger of medical issues and harm your heart.

With regards to alcohol, the key is balance. Unquestionably, you don't need to drink any liquor, and on the off chance that you as of now don't drink, don't begin drinking for the conceivable medical advantages. At times, it's most secure to stay away from liquor totally — the conceivable advantages don't exceed the dangers.

Here's a more intensive take a gander at the association among alcohol and your wellbeing.

Conceivable medical advantages of moderate alcohol use:

Moderate liquor utilization may give some medical advantages, for example,

Lessen your danger of dying from coronary illness

Perhaps diminish your danger of ischemic stroke (when the veins to your cerebrum end up limited or blocked, causing seriously lessened blood stream)

Potentially diminish your danger of diabetes

All things being equal, the proof about the medical advantages of liquor isn't sure, and liquor may not profit everybody who drinks.


as far as I know, Alcohol has some advantages for human body. First, It has thiamine and riboflavin. It will protect you from Parkinson disease or Alzheimer's. Second, It is good for your kidney. If you often drink alcohol this will reduce the appearance of gallstones. Third, alcohol can maintain oral and dental health. It will kill germs in your mouth. Forth, alcohol makes your brain smarter. It will stimulate your brain to think creatively.