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What do u do if someone takes your simplicity for granted?

It's simple. If I am very simple and you take my simplicity for granted, it means that my acts of service do not even matter to you.

That you are not appreciative of my simple deeds and so, I will definitely back out.

I will back out without looking back. I wouldn't even give the person a second chance.

When next the person needs my help, I'll simply ignore and pretend like I am not aware.


Such people will always exist. Whatever kinds of traits you have, either you're good or not, people will always have something to say.

So I wouldn't mind people taking my simplicity for granted. It's up to them if they'll appreciate and value it. For sure I'll set a limitation in dealing with them up to no interaction at all. For you to be able to succeed, do not surround yourself with negative people. Let them do what they do, but don't they ever cross the line where you are on your safe haven.



Being Simple in Life has its Ups and Downs and frankly speaking the downs greatly outnumber the Ups of Life. But that being said you can't just change the way you are. I am a Simple Guy and I like being Simple and that has led to several people taking advantage of me. It's as if I am taken for granted.

So since I know I can't change the simplicity in me I have devised some measures that help me out a little bit.  For example, if someone close to me asks me for Money and later on never returns back the Money, in a way he/she just took advantage of me so what I do is I just immediately isolate that person completely. He/she is in guilt or whatever and is unable to talk to me but I never go and talk to the person, in short, I cut off all ties with them.

I like to give a person the Benefit of Doubt unless he/she decides to screw me. Once they screw me I never allow that person in my life ever again. Yes, this process does require me to get hurt at first but that just only makes me Stronger.


I would start by limiting my interactions with them because people don't always go to where gestures or deeds are not appreciated.


Well as For me, being actually taken for granted is always a deal breaker....

just Imagine how low the other individual is actually esteeming me in his/her mind to actually be able to come to the conclusion that they could take me for granted without any actual consequences. that sounds Pretty low and awkward right??...

When an individual actually takes me for granted I will really break all manner of contact with them, and make sure i move on with my life without them being on the horizon, and also ensure that i forget that they ever existed....

i believe that there are way too many lovely and good people in the world that would cherish my simplicity and my presence in their life, instead of putting up with any ungrateful, and unappreciative person..