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What is your definition of beauty?

In my opinion I think beauty is the overwhelming aesthetics that leaves the conceptualisation blown away whether it is an art, human something abstract , animal or even any other thing. I believe beauty is something that the features or characteristics leaves the human mind in sonder, I do not believe that beauty is something that is relative and individual to people I believe that beauty is something that clouds expressions and make people marvel so I usually consider something as to be beautiful if you totally dazzles and leaves people in profound wonder, I mean everybody and not some people.

Beauty for example is watching a deer walloping amidst the autumn flowers while the early orange morning sunset is peeping out of the horizon beyond the mountains. This is what I call defination of a perfect beauty , like I said earlier beauty can be natural it can also be man made above all I think beauty can cloud the perception I only managed to paint an abstract image of what beauty is, to be honest one cannot describe beauty in its most original form because sometimes I used to feel that beauty can be unexplainable and mind blowing sometimes it can even be a piece of art for example the drawing of the Monalisa or something even more astonishing than usual.

So I think beauty is not totally explorable , in a human beings life cycle or life span it is totally amazing presenting itself in various form and likeness. Sometimes it can even be spiritual beyond human capacity for example the bible described the beauty of heaven and people can only imagine. So in my opinion beauty can be seen sometimes it may not be seen but the truth is that I think beauty is synonymous to everybody when something is beautiful than every whole wide world recognises it and not just a fraction of people