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Which cryptocurrency can you advice someone who wants to invest at the moment?

I wouldn't advise anyone to invest in cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency investment is highly speculative and have a lot of risks. But if you ask for my opinion, I think Bitcoin is the best bet for a new investor.

Bitcoin is like the guardian of cryptos. All other cryptos are pegged to it. When Bitcoin price goes up, altcoin prices also go up. When Aitcoin goes down, altcoins also go down.

Bitcoin is the highest adopted cryptocurrency. It is backed by many institutional investors. It has high security and immutability.

Bitcoin is backed by a strong community of developers. They are working on improving it day and night.

One of the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it has the highest liquidity among cryptocurrencies. Which means, it can support large volume trades and has lower risk than cryptos with low liquidity.

That is why I think it is best for a new investor to buy Bitcoin instead of other cryptocurrencies.

But if a investor has some experience in crypto, he might consider investing in some reputed Ethereum based tokens that have real use case.

For example, BAT, Golem, Kyber Network etc. BAT is going to be used in Brave Browser which has over 4 million monthly active users. Golem has a real use case in the golem network where computing power is traded using it.

Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange. It burns a significant portion of its earnings. More than 230k Kyber Network Tokens have been burned so far.


Please note that no can offer you financial advice and you should not seek financial advice from non-professionals. I can tell you which one's i like and then you can decide after seeking to professional advisors. 

1. bitcoin - Bitcoin is seeing phenomenal changes. The price has fallen from its highs by 85% to 3k, now at 4k. During that time, lightning network has grown to 4000+ nodes with a capacity of 400+ bitcoins. Better custody and secure ways of handling bitcoin holdings have been developed. Institutional interest is on the rise and next month will be the launch of btc settled futures from NYSE and ICE. And a crypto ETF may be announced that takes care of insurance against theft. I think btc is going to see a massive bull run next year. I am not asking you to invest. I am investing. 

2. Eth - While development has been slow, one cannot deny that icos that raised money last year, have dumped ether really hard, specially eos. from being a $1300 worth per coin, it has fallen to 100. Bitcoin and eth both have unparalleled dev resources, so to write eth off against eos or cardano will be retarded. their dev has been slow but i don't mind getting into eth at these prices as more than me, their devs would like to see their net worth soar. 

3. Steem, OMG, EOS, ICX, NEO - these are small holdings, not steem (that's decent) but yeah these are something i will speculate on. 

To me there is one crypto - btc but i don't call myself a maximalist, as i do see a use case for others and have diversified my investments on projects i like. 

4. I can tell you about a blanket laundry list. But I wouldn't touch anything that does not have a working product and no success case. Also, I don't look at anything that is not in top 20. 


I'd recommend they invest in their own knowledge, do their own research, understand the value propositions and fundamentals of anything they're considering over relying solely on others' opinions.













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Those cryptocurrencies that are heavily used by early users and those which put theirselves at the top spots of coinmrarketcap's list. Those were cryptos that are close to stability in terms of usage, scalability, marketing and development. I will persistently advice anyone that this is the right time to invest something in crypto, it's a season to buy and invest something for the future.

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This is a good Question.

Because we all know for online worker crytocurrency so important matter.If someone need advice. I.will tell him first about about also BTC. Beacause its most popular one.Apso its have own coin also.in one.country.Also invest in bitcoin an be profitable.we all know..BTC prize top in cryptocurrency.So that's why fist I wil also advice for Btc for Investment.

And again 2nd cryptocurrency I will tell about steem Because after Btc I belive on steem.That's why fot investment I will suggest also about steem....

Thanks for your question. ..



Currently, my best cryptocurrency remains STEEM. Even the though the price of Steem is not as expected at this time of the year, I still hat-off for the innovation that brought Steem to scene. With its readiness to support creativity, originality and non-plagiarized content, I think Steem is one crypto that is future, innovation and education oriented.

With unparalleled growing number of DApps built on its blockchain , Steem proves its ability to command and  harness innovation and creativity. TIll to morrow, Steem seems to me a crypto that cannot harm the younger generation.

Being hinged to education, originality and creativity, Steem is a  step further out of the spate of piracy and media decadence. I am joyed each time I can comfortable tell a young person about STEEM with a promise that Steem has all potentials to make them grow in knowledge and skill.

The beauty of Steem is the ability to integrate and celebrate human value - "brain", thus has the potency of fitting to all works of life.

The strengths of communities that are hinged to the Steem blockchain with their plans for humanity is a proof for Steem's future. I am glad to  associate with @Steemchurch which promises to share the soon coming #beatitudes-SMT to the world. Currently @Sc-v, the Venezuelan parish of Steemchurch  is feeding and caring for the children in Venesuela and this is made possible with Steem.

Other communities such as @oracle-d @fundition @sndbox @steemstem @stach @ulogs are not  resting their oasis to ensure that value gets added to the Steem blockchain.

With Steem, I am hinging my real time project @writeandearn which will help the printing and publishing of amazing steem contents and making them available in libraries for others to glean from.

I am certain and hopeful that Steem will grow in due time and will become a model crypto to reckon with. Let's keep doing our best and be inviting people to adopt Steem. 

The future of Steem is bright!



I would advise one to invest in STEEM now. The price of STEEM in dollars is quite low as at now and it is a good time to accumulate it.

STEEM won the NetCoin contest sometimes this year which means a lot for STEEM. This will give STEEM so much adoption and popularity.

STEEM has a very bright future irrespective of the state it is right now.

So, I will advise one to invest in steem!! Accumulate as much steempower and liquid SBD as possible and you will definitely get a return for your investment.

Investment is all about getting profits and I can assure one that investing in STEEM will definitely yield profit.


Whenever someone advice you to buy and sell some coins than it will not be 100% sure that the coin will pump according to his call. It depends on his or her experience and knowledge. So i have the list of coin which according to me it will pump in coming days looking at their events and technical analysis. You need to hold this coins for January 2019.

1) Zilliqa ( Mainnet) 

2)Steem (Testnet)

3) BNB (Coinburn)

4) ETH ( Hardfork)

5) WPR ( Breakout)

6) NPXS ( Most undervalued)

7) ADA ( Coinbase listing possible)

8) STORJ ( Breakout)

9)XRP ( Big Partnership)

10) SNT ( Under strong support)

Note:- Do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency and try to buy in parts and do not enter in any coin at the peak. 


In my opinion, in addition to BTC, I highly recommend ETH, because in my opinion, ETH is one of the coin markets that has the potential to increase in the next few months. Besides that I also highly recommend the BACH coin, either BCHABC or BCHSV. This is a very promising coin for the future. Besides that, I would also recommend LTC coins, because this LTC coin is also prospective in the future. I also don't forget to advise someone to buy XRP coins. This is a coin that always makes me curious about the activities that stretch in the crypto market. XLM also has the potential to jump high several months ahead, because this coin is very popular today.

In addition to the coins that I mentioned above, I would definitely also highly recommend someone is STEEM, because STEEM has the potential to increase in the next few months. As I recall, STEEM is currently in a very low position. So the potential for my high jump might occur, even though pumping is not like the end of 2017.


1. BNB


3. LTC

4. ZEC

5. BAT

6. ZRX

7. XLM

8. XRP

9. BXT

10. ETH


I think cryptocurrency that is suitable for investment at this time is :

1. LTC

2. XMR

3. NEO

4. ADA

5. XRP


7. BCH


I m not expert in crypto so I would like to remain silent on answering this question. If some one still persist to take my input I would like to recommend him that never put your money in one coin. My choice will be







For the past days watching the graph I can say the best crypto to invest right now is STEEM. Don't hesitate! Invest on steem..


For the purpose of investment on a long term basis of say 5 to 10 years, I would advise them to research the following cryptocurrencies and then invest in cryptocurrencies of their choice from the list: 

1. Bitcoin

2. Eth

3. EOS

4. XRP

5. XLM

6. Steem

7. AGI

8. MAN

9. Elastos

10. Cardano

11. IOTA

12. Nano

These are the cryptocurrencies that I have done some research on. There could be other cryptos which are as good or better than the above, which I am not aware of. 


I would invest in Steem and to diversify I would put a few dollars in physical silver. If you can buy pre 1964 coinage from the United States, even better. You can buy $1 face value of silver coins for around $11. If silver fell to zero, which it never would, you would still have a dollar to spend.


if someone wants to invest, I will advise him to invest in a bitcoin cryptocurrency. indeed the price of bitcoin is now low. but I'm sure bitcoin will increase again in 2019. the reason, because bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to exist. of course bitcoin has gone through many obstacles. and low prices are not the first time this has happened to bitcoin. in 2016, bitcoin has seen a price decline. but Bitcoin was able to solve it and increase again in 2017. And I'm sure Bitcoin will also solve the current problem and prices will increase again in 2019.