What makes you different from other people?

I am different. I am unique. Me, being Juliet Israel makes me very different and unique from every other person.

I am smart,

I am beautiful

I am intelligent

I am mostly loved

I am amazing

I am a terrific writer.

I have a beautiful voice.

I am great at anything I do.

All these and more makes me different from every other person.


1.I don't care for shopping

2.I can live without chocolates and dessert.

3.I don't realize how to wear an ear ring.

4.I don't realize how to illuminate a matchstick.

5.I don't incline toward cosmetics/gems or anything that may change my appearance. (trust me I'm only a normal looking young lady)

6.I do really prefer to upload my photographs for what it's worth ,with no filters.

7.I have never been in a relationship presently would prefer not to get into one.

8.Facebook and instagram doesn't captivate me by any means.

9.I can stroll for a very long distance on the off chance that I get a decent company without griping.

1....Pay off all the credit cards debts toward the month's end. On the off chance that you can't pay it off, don't get it with another credit 

2...Try not to obtain cash for things you can't bear the cost of except if the loan fee is low. For my situation, I acquired mortages and for a couple of my vehicles. I lived with some truly insignificant furniture for some time, yet later could manage the cost of more pleasant 

3...Pay off all the actual debts other than the actual mortgage by the age of 

4...Discover a business that has great therapeutic protection, when you are filling in as well as when you are 

5..Pay yourself first - put at least 15– 20% of your salary into reserve funds and retirement assets and imagine you profit less than you do (and embrace an equivalent way of 

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I am at variance with majority in diverse ways as complained and commended by relatives , friends and adversaries. Sometimes , I wonder why I am who I am, so different but unique in these :

1) People Think I'm Extovert, but I am very certain that they are wrong! I am being assume extroverted because most mundane and pedestrian issues repulse me; thus I would Prefer to be mute than be drawn into such discussions!!

But come to my terrain of more intellectually challenged issues like Politics, Science and Technology, Administration, Religion, then my extroversion nature would come alive.

2) Having confirmed that most popular Opinions Lacks Credibility and Logical Substance ; I Prefare to go against popular opinion except in religious matters. I am more of Conservative than Liberal.

3) Politically, I Prefare Benevolent Dictatorship to Democracy. IOtherwise , Monarchy. Why?? Universal suferage where everyone is entitled to vote Encourages the less Intelligent, who are always in majority to ENTHRONE their kind by majority Participation.

4) My ideal economic model is Pure Capitalism, whereas majority in my Community and Country prefer Communism, where they can afford to lazy around , yet provided welfare by Government.Yes! He who did not work should not eat! This is my preferred Economic policy.


If this question is taken to mean in what sense I am the most unlike the average person, then the answer would be intellectual honesty. I'm smarter than the average person but not very much. Intelligence means the ability to handle complexity. There are lots of careers I'm not suitable for because the complexity one needs to hack in order to succeed would be too much for me. 

I feel compelled to accept as true something that makes sense and is consistent with known facts, however unpleasant. You could have people screaming insults at my face while making claims and I would still evaluate those claims based on whether or not they make logical sense and whether or not there is evidence backing them up. I'm somewhat more inclined to fall for wishful thinking when ignorant than outright not accepting unpleasant truths laid out in front of me. Presented with clear evidence of them, I'm not going to close my mind just because something makes be uncomfortable. 

Is this because I have strong ego? I'm not so sure about that. It's more about having a small ego. It's harder to hit something and do damage if its small to begin with. Life is sometimes depressing because of this and liberating at other times. There are plenty of people a lot smarter than I am who value truth a lot less. Some of them would seem to be capable of building much more accurate mental models of things, be able to gain much more interesting insights, and getting much great work done if such a thing interested them.


The first thing that makes me different is my name "Samuel Shem" . That's my identity among others. Outside my name, there are few unique characters I noticed about myself that I Haven't seen from anyone. These are

1:I get angry in few seconds and forgive in a second whether or not the person who offended me ask for forgiveness.

2.I forget hurt so easily and sometimes I forget very quickly people I render help to.

3.am an isolated person but when I want to socialize, I make it a great blast.

4.I try to be sincere to myself at all time.

I think this qualities makes me different. Others I have noticed few individual who share same characters.


Genetics and life history. No one exactly like me has ever existed and never will.


Personally, I believe that every single person in this World is Unique and you will rarely find two persons that are truly alike. By truly alike I mean that they might have same traits in 9 cases but the 10th will definitely differ. Even twins are not completely Similar.

Now if it's the matter of how I am different than others than my very First Point and the most Important one might be the fact that I used to be an Introvert but now I have turned slightly towards the Extrovert region. I am not a full-fledged Extrovert but let's say before I used to sit inside my Home whenever there was a Holiday now I go out with others and have more fun.

I don't know if this is a Quality or not but if I click with someone I make friends very very quickly. In fact, it's so quick that sometimes I forget the introductions and go straight for the Buddying process. It has happened many Times that I have spent hours talking to someone and still didn't knew his/her name.

I am very Trusting in nature so if I make some sort of relationship with someone I trust them wholeheartedly which has sometimes led to me getting badly Backstabbed but still I like to give people the benefit of the doubt before going against them.


By variation, my finger print is one thing that makes me different from any other person in this world. Outside this, my physical appearance can only come as resumblance but never as same as mine.

When it comes to character, then loving is one thing that makes me different, I love easily, I mean trust and like people easily.

Aside that, am social which I believe many others are also.


@Citimillz, It's not just about me, everyone is different and the easiest and most common example is our Fingerprints. So everyone is unique and different from each other. Stay blessed. 🙂


I am quite different from any other person, even twins do have their own differences; And so, am quite different from any other.

I am so strong, beautiful, smart and clever.

If i will it, I can have it all.

I am Rita, alias Duchessrita; and I am the first and the last of my kind. I am ' me', and no one can be like me.