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What is the health benefit of an orange fruit?

Oranges have many health benefits. It is a natural source of vitamin C and so, from that alone, you can see its importance. However, I will try to list some less obvious benefits of taking the fruit.

1. Oranges are good for the immune system. This one might be obvious to some. However, the know eludes many. Oranges helps to boost the immune system. It protects the body against invasion.

2. Oranges are good for hair growth. The fruit helps in the secretion of collagen which helps to bind the hair together. Regular intake of this'll fruit will, to an extent, prevent the loss of hair (baldness).

3. Oranges keeps the skin healthy. With age, the skin begins to loose its beauty. Oranges come with rich quantities of antioxidants that protects and boost the beauty of your skin. It ensures your skin remains radiant.

4. Helps against heart disease. With age and as a result of bad diet, the arteries may become blocked due to excessive amounts of cholesterol. This is one of the major reasons for heart failure. Oranges provides flavonoids which removes excess cholesterol.

5. Oranges helps prevent constipation. I've tried this over and over again. It's never failed to work. If one is suffering from constipation due to, perhaps, overeating, orange will help to clear the system.

6. It prevents stomach ulcer. With the presence of acids, oranges are good for stomach as the acids helps to neutralize the alkalinity of the stomach.

7. Brain health. Oranges helps the brain develop. It contains essential folate and folic acid which boost brain development.

8. Eye health. Vitamin C is also good for the eyes. It ensures that the eyes remain in optimal condition even with ageing.

These are some of the reasons why one needs to consume oranges as often as possible. I make a practise of even eating the fibres after draining the juice. Those fibres also help the stomach like I mentioned. It aids digestion.

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your question is very good. Citrus fruit besides having a sweet and fresh taste, citrus fruits have many health benefits.

Citrus fruits have vitamin C as an antioxidant. These antioxidants function to boost the immune system. so that someone is not easily sick.

Citrus fruits also contain fiber. fiber content functions to facilitate the digestive system. thus preventing constipation.

Citrus fruits can also prevent premature aging. because the content of vitamin C contained in citrus fruits can repair damaged skin cells. and many more from the benefits of citrus fruits.


Orange fruit is a vitamin and also act as roughage


Orange fruits possesses lots of benefits to humans

Orange is a very good source of vitamins to Man

It gives one a good looking and healthy skin

It nourishes the immune system and enables it to fight against various infection

It can be use to treat some minor infections

Orange fruits can serve as an appetizer

Taking of orange fruit can reduce stomach ulcer

The juice from orange fruit can be applied to the hair

The benefit of orange fruit are numerous. I will say it's healthy for one to take orange fruit once a day thank you