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Can movies have a psychological effect on a human?

Definitely, Yes! This is why I sensor the movies watched in my house.

No pornography, No Violent Action , No African Magic, No uncensored Religious Programmes, No Gambing Scenes, No Overtly Erotic.

All the above , when watched on a Continued routine would engender ethics Contrary to my ideals and that of a decent Society.

Indeed every thought, actions , habit and therefore the personality of any man is a direct fall out of what goes on in his mind which is a function of what he sees and hears Regularly Including Movies and Music.


Of course it can. Ever had that feeling that you long to be or do something that the main characters are doing? Movies make us think and react in a subconscious way.

Sometimes binge watching a certain series will make you act and tall a certain way too. Watching positive shows will have a positive effect while negative shows a negative effect.