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If looking at the solar eclipse can cause blindness why are animals all not blind?
We as humans know not to look at the solar eclipse or it will cause damage to our eyes or even blind us. Animals, on the other hand, do not have that knowledge. Why do they not go blind when an eclipse happens? I am sure they look up at the sun like what we do.

You can look directly at the Sun, son.

It is long term exposure that ensures lasting damage.

We are smart enough to recognize it, and when we want to observe things like solar eclipse fully, as we need to look directly at the sun for extended period of time, we know to take counter measures.

Go outside, look at the sun for 5 seconds.

You have hard time doing it.

It is painful.

You have problem with vision for few minutes afterwards.

But you are not blind!

What makes you think animals go around looking directly in the sun for longer than brief moment?

I get it, solar eclipse is an event that have significance.

Just out of curiosity you expect all eyes on it.

I am pretty sure myself among many in my lifetime have missed a solar eclipse.

It is not a big deal and I doubt many animals even think about the Sun do much.