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What are your reasons for using Musing?

I have several reasons for making use of Musing. Musing is a question and answer based platform built on the Steem blockchain. 

All you have to do is ask questions or provide answers to questions already asked and get rewarded for doing so.

Before I ever discovered Musing, I had been an active Quora user, I basically just read answers to questions there, few times, I'd ask and few times, I'd answer but Quora was my daily home for learning and becoming better. I browsed through specific topics and read questions on them.

When I joined Steemit this year and found out about Musing, I didn't have to think twice about it before joining in.

One of my numerous reasons for using Musing is that I get to learn. Learning is something we obviously can't do without. Simply having ,to read into the minds of other Musing users and understand other perspectives to a matter means a lot to me. Also, asking questions I do not have answers to or controversial questions so I could understand other people's views is really important.

Another major reason I make use of Musing is because of the upvotes gotten. With the recent downturn in the prices of Steem which has made the value of $$$ on posts to reduce drastically, Musing seems like the only benefiting Dapp to keep you motivated on Steemit.


Learning to read and write properly can take years.

 Especially if you write in your second language. I unfortunately write better in my second language than my first by now. 

The only reason for that is because English is so popular and my mother tongue is unfortunately not. 

  1. What is great about Musing is that you can write as much as you feel like and get rewarded on that work. The up vote value I presume is based on effort and quality. I have not seen otherwise as the writers are very good and deserving of the rewards they receive.
  2. Write and reading has a therapeutic effect for me. 
  3. There is always an opportunity to answer a question that requires some research. In turn you get to learn something new.
  4. I use it to earn. This might seem obvious, but humans are motivated reward. Embracing this will only push you to work harder.

Although I only started Musing recently I can already see the potential of musing. The comment sections on steemit are an absolute mess. Spam from bots and dtube videos comment sections are a bunch of blabber from people who have no intention of learning proper English. 

Today if you have internet I honestly don't think you have an excuse. 

  • Platforms like Musing is making it easier to take your writing to the next level. And you now have incentive to write.
  • It is based on a successful model of conversation like other popular websites: gotQuestion, Quaro and Reddit. 
  • Musing is also a great way to find inspiration for your own blog. I absolutely love the "Post to blog" function. I try to make the answers long enough so it's blog worthy.

Musing always has a tab open on my browser since I discovered it. I don't read as many answers as I wish to, but I read most the questions looking for one to that catches my eye.


This is actually the question I'm waiting for. And I am very sure there will be questions like this in Musing.io. Maybe some readers wonder why I was curious about this statement.

Frankly speaking, I have only been to Musing.io for a week and to this day I am very addicted to this Musing.io. Why? Because besides the answers I gave, I always received awards from Musing.io, I also really enjoyed answering questions that were on Musing.io. The question in Musing.io is a question that we experience everyday, so that we without thinking hard can answer it. And the questions we answer are those that match what we experience or that we control. There is no compulsion to answer according to the answers of others.

I like Musing.io very much because I really touched my desires. I can tell the story of my life, the experience that I experienced and the purpose or motivation of my life from the questions in Musing.io.

In everyday life, I most often get questions from people around me, both my patients, my students, or my colleagues. And I was very excited to answer their questions one by one, because from their questions, I could learn and make me continue to think. I kept thinking that it would make my brain continue to work to hone skills and generate memories that have been stored for a long time in the brain. With the presence of this Musing.io platform, I became excited about answering the questions, because it could educate my brain in thinking.

If I may be honest, the award given by Musing.io is not my main goal, it is a bonus that I get from my answers that have quality. Moreover, my answer is not appreciated by Musing.io, I have never been discouraged, because I am sure that with a simple and not quality answer, it will be ignored by Musing.io.


Musing is a question and answer based dapp on the steem blockchain has been my addiction in recent weeks. I have been entrapped by the features, users and the reward it has to offer.

The motive behind musing.io is highly impressive and educative. It requires some level of intelligence and understanding of a particular field or topic before one can provide an answer to a question. Hence, it improves the way people think and reflect on issues around them from various fields. Learning is an important part of human life and I have learnt a lot from different contributors from different countries and backgrounds.

I discovered musing.io some weeks ago and it has taken over my time that I don't even write other kinds of posts anymore. The interface and design is easy to use. The feeds feature makes it easy to navigate through the tags such as Steemit, Question, Steem, Health, Cryptocurrency, Money, Blockchain used by the contributors. My favorite tags has been love and life so far.

I can not but commend the upvote system too. My reward pool has improved since I started using musing.io. I can say it is a last resort and a messiah considering the current status of the Cryptocurrency world. The rewards I get from my constructive question and detailed answers is one of the reasons too.

Thanks for reading.

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Everyone of us may have varied reasons why we use Musing but we can't deny the fact that this is because of the rewards we would be getting. Musing is basically a Question and Answer platform with rewards. You ask relevant questions, you get rewards. You post answers, you also get rewards.

Another reason for me is, I can get idea to what I am going to post. Before I knew this platform, more often than not, I lose all idea on what should I post. Until I knew about Musing and its post to blog button. I answer some questions and post it to my blog. This way, Steemit users can still see that I am still active on the platform.

The last thing is, we can get ideas from varied users. Because everyone of us has his own explanations, we can weigh which should be the best nswer.


In Life process, no one knows it all. We live to learn and so long we live we learn everyday.

Why I choose to use musing is that with it, we ask and answer questions. When we ask, people who are more enlightened in the aspect of which our question was being thrown will give us hints concerning the question. When we answer questions, people also learn from our answers. We never can tell our answers here might be a life saver.

There are so many questions which one cannot find a direct answer to on google. So with the number of users here on musing. We can ask and then get answers quickly when we need to know about something that bothers us.

We also get to meet new steemit users whom we make friends with here on steemit because when someone gives you a valuable answer to your question. The person's username can not get off your head that easily.

I also use musing because it rewards users with steem and Steemit platform happens to be my best social media blockchain platform.


I use musing because of its uniqueness and originality. If you ask a question in musing, you're surely going to get original responses because musing frowns at plagiarism. I used to be active in Yahoo answers but since I discovered musing I rarely visit Yahoo answers because most people share links instead of answering your questions

Musing promotion of originality, it support system and the fact that it's on the Steen blockchain that I'm already a member of are just a few of the reasons why I use musing


I use musing to train my mind to answer questions. Some questions have a hard way of putting the ideas into words. I have to keep trying to figure out what are the words that can be used for certain ideas. I guess perday I answer around ten questions on average with about 2000 words on average. When I am free I will be using musing to type too. When I am in the toilet too. Or while I am on a queue I use musing to write to pass the time.

It's a great feeling to answer and get a reward. It's like being fed after doing a task. It is something fun. It was not easy at first as it would really burn my brain cells to think of the ways to answer questions but now that I have done this for many months. It has become something that is more of a second nature to the other habits I do. The great thing is that I can collect Steem points and increase my reputation which is like gaming in some way except this is the battle of words.

I have become a more organized person in terms of the way I give my lessons in class. Other than this I am a teacher so it does help when I constantly take time to write here and it has to be organized in a way that everyone would at least understand what I am writing. It's been a great journey since the day I started in Musing and it is quite addictive nowadays to answer questions. When I wake up I am answering questions and just before I get to bed I am doing that too. Then afterwards I would check to see how much reward I have gotten then I can collect the steem coins.


Application @musing.io is an interesting application that can release my creativity on the stealth blockchain platform lately. To be honest, I have started to lazily activate my account because of the bear market. However, after seeing the @musing.io application which was very easy and practical for activities on this platform, it has become a sure reason for me.

Besides that, high level of concern for users is also very stable carried out by @musing.io. they continue to actively provide curations for creative users in making questions and answers. This cannot be denied to be made an excuse.

When many popes no longer curate small fish, then @musing.io has become a hope for many users in activities for the blockchain steem platform. I hope, many of the new users must know about @musing.io so that they continue to be active in creativity.

Good luck always for @musing.io and also for the steem blockchain platform that we love. Greetings


I use Musing.io primarily for the following reasons:

1. Musing is another great innovation on the Steem blockchain and I love to identify with innovation.

2. Musing helps me to learn how to engage other Steem users with questions, answer and replies. Its a fun experience.

3. Musing interaction is the best way yo teach a newbie how to interact on Steem.

4. Musing helps be wrap great ideas into short and concise answers.

5. Musing helps me meet great and innovative minds on the Steem blockchain.

6. Musing is fun.


It's incredible, but my main reason is to be able to learn new things through questions and answers, it's a great strategy to make the obtaining of very funny and dynamic contents, and besides all that you can suffer a remodeling based on what I replied


It's my first time to use Musing. Someone told me that Musing is like Quora & Yahoo Answers. I am familiar with those because I'm using those when I'm trying to look for answers to my questions. So musing.io is a question and answer platform. But the best thing is you can earn STEEM's just by using Musing.

I am not a writer and I don't consider myself as a talented one that's why I don't have a blogpost in Steemit. I tried only one Dapp on top of Steem and trying to look for another Steem Platform that can help me grow in this community and I found Musing.

It's my first time to use Musing and hopefully I can continue.


No doubt my primary reason of patronizing Musing-io is aimed at rewards as appropriate.

But like every other endeavour, it is fool Hardy to expect rewards without efforts. Hence I have taken my wares of MANY CRITICAL QUESTIONS to the Musing-io market square to probe into the minds of fellow Steemians as it concerns contemporary issues. Yes ! I am a prolific questioner in Musing-io.

Answers provided enable me to gauge the minds of people in some critical matters.Some of these has helped me to take sound decetions in life.

Musing-io also afford me the opportunity to ask certain question which I may not be comfortable to ask before life Acquaintances.


1. Foremost reason, there is no personal info leak to be worried of since there isn't any (remember recent Quora hack).

2. You get paid with crypto that can be sold for real money unlike just virtual upvotes.


First of all I think that it can be bigger than QUORA.

Second it can become something great by embedding different specialties in it. Imagine to get advice without paying, sharing with others or simply getting some heads up about any question you might have.

I would imagine every question getting answered so we'll use the platform as a part of our life.


Musing had made a lot of difference in my weekly rewards.  

Before I have to rely on steem bots only to promote my post on steemit and that to sometimes end up in loss. 

Now after posting a post on steemit I login to Musing and spend my time and effort there.

There is no cost but only I have to give my time and I often get reward of that.

Musing is very helpful for minows like me. Because on steemit no matter how good your post is you often end up with no vote unless you use bots. 

Whereas, Musing upvote according to the content of the post.

Sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.

It enables to broaden my vision and I can get different point of view for a single problem/ question.

It also enable me to get some earning while sharing my knowledge.

It also allows me to ask question and clear my doubts.

Lastly, I think that I’m now addicted to this platform. 

I love musing because it helps me a lot. 


Every  person does not know everything. If you don't know something and have  questions about that, you will try to find the answer. In case you do  not find the exact answer, just ask your question here on Musing. You  will get the exact answer from people who have experience and expertise  on that. 

When I think about question answer, musing comes to my  mind first. Musing is the platform that built on top of steem blockchain  where you can ask any question and get the answer in time. It is one of  my favorite DApps.

I love to learn new things and try to help  others if I can. When you give answer to any question on musing, you are  not only helping the person who asks that question. you actually help  many people. 

If you want to add value to others lives, you should  give your suggestion and try to solve their problems that they are  going through. And you can do that answering the question on musing.

You  will be rewarded for your contribution on musing. You spend your time  and effort on this platform. People will appreciate your contribution  and give reward for that. Musing itself gives upvote to quality answers  and questions.

It feels great if you can do something for others.  Every time I give answer on musing, I feel great. My answer can help  other people and inspire them to take action that might change their  life.


@Computer-geek, In my opinion, from school level only we've introduced with the Q&A Environment and for sure we will going to develop that tendency, and particularly in Musing the rewards aspect is one more boost because it's a way of respect towards the efforts and time spending by people. Stay blessed. 🙂