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Who do you delegate to and why?
I delegate to Actifit and Steem-UA. I love Actifit and think it has a bright future ahead. WIth Steem-UA you can get upvotes based on your Steem-UA score - which is based on activities on the blockchain - another great project!

I delegate a total of 75% of my entire SP many different projects and individuals. 


As you can see, I support a wide variety of different projects and individuals. The projects I delegated to is because I want to increase their ability to reward their userbase, incentivize contributions and fuel their growth.

I also delegate to individuals who have low SP to help them wit the RC restrictions which make it hard for them to post as often as they want to.

I'm constantly searching for new projects and individuals to delegate to but lately, my SP has been stretched out thin and I'm left with only 2k SP of my own, undelegated SP so, it might take some time until I do my next delegation as I still want to have some SP to manually curate with.

As a bonus for delegating some projects return eiter upvotes or tokens of their soon to be SMT. That is not the reason I'm delegating to them, but it's a nice bonus to receive. 


As such I am not planning to delegate to any community based account on steem blockchain. But what I have decided is that if any individual will approach me and ask for a help like 20/30 SP delegation, so that he can make a better engagement on day to day basis on steem blockchain then I will definitely help that person.

I do understand that having a steem account below 10 SP is little difficult and restricted because of less resource credits and as resource credit is a function of SP, it really becomes essential to help such users and encourage them to engage in steem blockchain in a spirited way and as I told I will definitely help such people but again if I find someone trying to make multiple accounts and trying to abuse such help then I am not going to delegate such people and I have my own way to check how genuine an individual is. I am really open to help many users if they are keen to engage and not being able to do so because their SP is less.

Community wise there are many such communities but if any community I have immense respect and wanted to see that community to grow much bigger, then it is none other than steemstem. There are many other community based account also I like, but steemstem will come as the number one in the list. Although I do not have that much SP to effectively help a community based account, but in future if there is a need of it, then I will definitely support steemstem.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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I've delegated to two community accounts - IndiaUnited and TheMotherShip


I firmly believe in - Together we can achieve more. Community is the reason why steemit and steem is going on, and people have hope in this ecosystem. If you are individual then it is easy to dump this platform and leave. When everyone help each other there is a hope that we will gradually grow together.

I'm basically from India, so a community for Indian users was much needed hence we have #IndiaUnited, we try hard to keep it together. Initiatives like curation, contest etc happens in this community. Members not just get the upvotes but they get to interact with others, understand and help each other.

I'm part of #thealliance, it is a great family. It has many warm and welcoming people, they are good in curation and suggesting good reads to the community, run contests/shows in discord. Everyone participate and enjoying being in the company of fellow steemians. TheMotherShip bot is a great idea, hence I have delegated a part of my SP to that account.

I wish I could delegate more to other community and individual accounts but my SP is already low to make any difference. If my SP goes up, I'd always be happy to help other Steemians. 


It was my first time to delegate my SP to @entrust because it gives their earning 100 percent to all their delegators. I was recommended by my friend and master @jassennessaj and he was the one who made entrust so I did give it a try . I am much satisfied with his initiative so I am also trying his bidbot too and of course I can bid in a low cost of steem and SBD compared than other bidbots out there. Anyway, I hope you can also check out and delegate to @entrust. Satisfied delegator here . :)


As a matter of fact I have delegated to few dapps of Steem Blockchain and few individual groups who are supporting Steemians by the their criteria.

While this are the applications/groups that I have delegated to.

While Actifit which you already know how it works

Steemhunt : Users hunt products and earn rewards as well. 

Steem-Ua: You also know how it operates.

Dtube: Its a video sharing platform on Steem Blockchain and helps dtubers by upvoting  good quality contents and moving them forward in Steem Blockchain.

Dlike: It is our (Steem) version of Pinterest and usual posts can be done as well. 

Dcooperation: It is a group that supports Dtubers and shows them the right way in various ways. 

Partiko: It is a mobile app which interface Steem Blockchain and has been getting much more focus recently for its features and it also gives points and those points can be used as Upvoting your posts or use them once SMT gets launched they will be trade able for those as well.