Wich are for you the most organized communities?

The bees are the most organized communities in my opinion. They are even better at organizing things than us. My grandfather was a bee keeper and he showed me very often how they work and how they are organizing their duties. It was like in a big family or a small factory there. They all had their purpose and done that without "complaints" or even mistakes. The queen was doing her thing which in most of the case was just to hang around there. The drone was buzzing from a place to another also wile particularly doing almost nothing, the collectors where coming and going with their collected pollen at a constant pace and it felt like watching a busy airport with tens of plains landing and tacking off on every second almost, the "child protectors" were always around the "baby bees" providing them food and guarding them at the same time while the guardians of the entrance which were four of them were particularly patrolling near the entrance. The guardians had the toughest job in my opinion because they would not only had to protect the family of any attack but also to sacrifice themselves for such a mission. In the case of a massive attack, like my grandfather told me, they would all fight till the last one to defend their house and their community. Same things happen with the collectors alsi which are working till "the last breath". Now it might seem weird that I gave this example with bees as a most organized community and not a "human one", but what amazes me that much about them is that they work without any benefit in return. They give everything without expecting nothing in return and they are not conscious beings like we are. Still they manage to organize themselves very well and make everything work perfect. We on the other hand find very easy reasons to fight and argue for, to be stressed and not satisfied and very often to screw things so in my opinion bees are really a good example of getting things done and living in harmony. 

Hope you found my insights interesting and wish you a great day! Keep on musing!