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How do you analyze global twitter trending?
I'm working on a project for all Steemians to twitter at the same time to explode the networks with the hashtag #Steem Need to track statistics for that! I ve only found paid sites...

Trends are controlled by a calculation and, as a matter of course, are customized for you dependent on who you pursue, your interests, and your area. This calculation recognizes subjects that are well known now, as opposed to points that have been famous for some time or regularly, to enable you to find the most sultry rising themes of dialog on Twitter. 

You can see slants that are not custom fitted for you by choosing a particular trends area on twitter.com, iOS, or Android (guidelines beneath). Area trends distinguish prominent points among individuals in a particular geographic area. 

Note: The quantity of Tweets that are identified with the trends is only one of the components the calculation sees when positioning and deciding patterns. Algorithmically, trends and hashtags are gathered in the event that they are identified with a similar point.