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Do you see blockchain technology being a will and testament of values you leave to those who are important to you through posts and platforms like musing???
Is this platform something you consider as a tool to write your biography or inventory of values in bits and pieces?

I see blockchain somehow the way you described it and I even wrote a blog post about this idea. I talked more about Steem as the blockchain for memories, where people like you and me can store their pics. adventures and ideas forever...or almost forever. Depending on how much the witnesses will keep the blockchain running. I think that over years if I will scroll through my blog on Steemit not only will I see pictures of myself and the places I've been but also read how I felt there, what was about that trip or meeting, what came after or what caused it, what some friends from here thought about that and so on. I see Steemit and Steem as a blockchain to store lots of "things" and it is definitely a great one and a free one. Musing on the other hand is a bit different. Here I post and comment multiple times a day and it would be a bit difficult to scroll back in time a year from now and review what I was asking about in the fall of 2018 or what where my shared thoughts on the platform. About value I can say that if one puts a bit of effort in his posts he could build over years a small knowledge treasure. One of his own with his personal thoughts and idea. Steem can be also a great way of tracking yourself and see how you evolved as a human being as a personality. Every post and every comment somehow expresses who you are and what you feel and think and if we will take some time to read some of our posts from years ago, in the future, we will be able to see how much we changed and also how much the blockchain technology changed us and of course what "footprints" have we left on Steem for example. It's really a great opportunity to be part of Steem and to be able to use it daily. I appreciate very much this blockchain and some of the apps built on it. Great topic you've chosen by the way.

Hope you will find my answer insightful and wish you a great day!


It very well could be as it would be locked in and would not be able to be edited by outside people. It would also have a time and date stamp so you could very well create a steemit account named @yourname.willandtestiment  and update it as your wishes change. I would actually be more comfortable with that then trusting some scumbag lawyer that may change things. I have even seen family memeber get screwed around by other family memebers when they are put in charge of the estate and they jsut give themselves everything of value then screw over the other siblings.