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How good is TRUST WALLET? Do you think it has been able to simplified the things for crypto users?

In the existing state, in order to interact with a dapp, it requires installation of additional software such as plugins/extension(for example Metamask) and this makes the user experience complex and it may not be ideal for mass adoption as it does not lower the barrier to entry.

Trust Wallet offers a mobile-optimized integrated interface with a fully functional web3 browser which enables users to interact with a dapp directly from their device and it does not require any additional installation of software. It is safe and secure too. The dapps go through a vetting process and then optimized for Trust wallet and then become a part of the marketplace. In the marketplace, the developers can list their dapps.

It is a light a client side application specifically designed for better user experience in account & token management. The users can store ETH, BTC, POA, CLO etc and other tokens ERC20, ERC223, ERC721 etc. So it offers a unified wallet address(for ETH) for managing tokens. The same address can be used by the users for participation in ICO and Airdrops. The ETH address of an exchange does not work and in that regard Trust Wallet can be very very valuable where not only the same address can be used to send and receive ETH and Etherum based tokens like ERC20, ERC223, ERC721 etc but also the users can experience web3 browser from the same wallet to interact with the dapps and also can access DEX. The wallet is available in both iOS and Android. 

Trust Wallet is security and anonymity centric. While it offers a great solution to token management with versatile use cases to make the users experience easy with a unified interface, it also takes care of security. In Trust Wallet, the keys of the users are stored locally, apps are installed locally.

The users can further customize their access to Trust Wallet in different ways such as fingerprint scanning, PIN, etc. The users can also make use of "watch-function" so that digital assets can be monitored by the users without exposing the private key. It offers better resistance against a phishing attack, as such Metamask can be a simple prey to a phishing attack. But Trust Wallet is stronger against phishing attack, as the attacker has to steal the mobile device and have to invade both phone password as well as Trust wallet app password. So the challenge is really stiff, so Trust Wallet stand at a better position in that context. The back up can be stored digitally as well as on a paper. The codebase is also regularly audited. So overall, Trust Wallet has robust security features.


funds are safu!