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If you had to live in any country in the world where would you go and why?

Well there are many choices but as I have to pick one I would go for Switzerland. There are many things that we are missing in our busy life and we( atleast many of us) have gone to that point of becoming similar to a machine. Not that it is our fault but because of the life style and the needs that we are leading for.

Choosing Switzerland because of its natural beauty that it consists all over the country and whoever have visited Switzerland would sure agree to that. Those memories of being there just stays alive all the time. The Natural Beauty and may does calls it as the "Heaven on Earth". If you are a lover of Nature than this should be perfect choice for you.

While as the health rate ratio of being healthy in Switzerland is relatively higher compared to other countries. The average life span of People of Switzerland are as well higher. Overall living in Switzerland, each and every moment will be treasured in the memory lane of mine. 

So yeah I will choose Switzerland to live if I ever get the chance to do so !


Hmmmm, there are alot of places I'd love to visit, but if I had to go to any country and live there then I'd have to choose Greece.


Because it's so rich in history and culture and I've always been in love with Greek mythology for as long as I can remember. I'd love to climb mount Olympus and see for myself if the Gods are still there, I want to visit the Delphi, maybe the oracle of Delphi will show herself and give me a prophecy about my future.

I'd love to visit the temple of Hephaestus, maybe I'll find something that Hephaestus made himself and maybe even get lost in the temple of Malia. Then on really hot days I could take a dip in the water at Balos or Psarou Beach.

There's just so many things to do in Greece and seeing as I love mythology I could never get bored of the place, living there would be a dream come true for me.