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Do you believe charity begins at home?
Some people give to charities no matter their financial situation. I believe it starts at home first and if you have extra only is it right to give then.

Our family and relatives should be our first priority in terms of charity. Yes some people choose to give to charity over helping their own family. I don't think it is the wise way to grow the society. 

If you see from the religious perspective then you will notice, we have to take care of our family and relatives first. Rest of the world comes later. It is a necessary component to help grow the society through charitable work. But if we don't give our helping hand to our family first, how can we suppose to help the whole society.

I have seen many people who divides a proportion from their earning to give it to charity. They first take care of all the need of the family then put the certain proportion to the charity. My family also followed that. So it seems more wise to me. 

Family should always comes first. They are the people we are living for. Yeah, society is important and giving poor is very much needed. But if we can not practice to help our family first, if would not create balance in the society. That's what my understanding is. 


A good question.

Before i proceed let me first introduce you to  what charity is.

What is charity?  from a dictionary definition, charity is  
the voluntary giving of help which can comes typically in the form of money, to those in need. 

Now let go the question, saying charity begins at home, though that statement is not a biblical statement but form the a provisional adage. Charity begins at home is not from the bible but very near to describe it as being so reasonable to describe it as biblical. 

 This known proverb is used to express the overriding demands of taking care of one's family, before caring for others. "Charity begins at home" when the care is done to someone outside it is believed that that way of given has been started from a grassroots which is the home. 

Many people everywhere mostly interpret the idea of “charity begins at home” to mean that it is  important to take care of yourself and your family before worrying about others. For example, they believe that it doesn’t make sense to worry about whether other families have enough to eat before your own family’s needs are taken care of. While this approach makes sense to an extent, it most times also a misinterpretation of the proverb. 

 The original meaning is that charity begins in the home which is that is to say kids learn charity in the home."  

In my own  opinion i believe  Charity begins at home by given advise to people in order to  help people who are less fortunate than them in whatever way suits them, however I also think that you should help people in your town(community) before helping those whom you cannot see. You need to help the people in your own community because you will be able to see the benefits of it and I do not believe that.

Conclusively,  i would say a big YES that charity begins at home.........

Thanks for reading!!