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Do you let emotions get in the way of making the right decisions?
I try and discard emotions when making decisions.

Everything depends on the type of emotion, since we human beings can react in different ways and ways, for example: positive emotions: joy, optimism and negative emotions: anger or sadness are one of the most common.

It is very easy to make decisions while we feel joy and these insurance decisions will not affect the future, but making decisions in the midst of sadness or anger determines our future. Imagine how dangerous decisions are in the midst of depression? Many people want to commit suicide, murder, beat. Every action we want to execute is attached to a decision in the mind. It is essential to hope that the negative emotion can yield to think peacefully and peacefully, in this way we will make the best decisions.

In my case I know how to master my emotions, this I learned by meditating and reflecting day by day, until I discovered that everything in this world is circumstantial and changing and that includes emotions.

My conclusion is that it is best to make decisions when the mind is calm and calm and that any decision, whether good or bad, will affect our future forever.




Well for the most part I don't rely on my emotions for making decisions, I'm a very logical person and I make decisions and do my analysis based on logic. Emotions will only cloud your judgement and end up making you biased and unfit to make the right decision.

There are instances where emotions are what's required to make the right decision though, take for example, If I had to choose between two things that I have a significant emotional attachment to and I'd have throw one of them away, it's the one that I have a stronger emotional attachment to that I'll keep.

Well that scenario is pretty specific and not very likely to occur. What if a person has to choose between two people he/she loves, at that point, logic loses meaning and the only thing you can do is rely on your emotions to choose the right person.

Like I said earlier, for the most part, emotions aren't what I depend on when I'm making my decisions, but if there's need for it or if logic isn't helping matters, then I'll rely on my emotions to help me make the right decision.

I hope this helps.


I’d recommend learning one’s HUMAN DESIGN profile to gain clarity on what is the best strategy for them...

Personally, I’m a “Manifesting Generator” whose “Authority” is emotion - emotion being an excellent directive for decision making - HOWEVER, the “Strategy” being that of “waiting to respond” - not acting on the emotion immediately, but letting the wave complete to process all its information before making the decision.

That may be a winning approach for someone with the same profile as myself, yet a losing one for someone with a completely different profile, Authority, and Strategy...


It is difficult not to allow your emotions get in the way especially if you're a very emotional person.

Although, more recently, I have learned to use logic instead of emotions when making decisions because you may just get so many things messed up using emotions.


Sometimes I do, something I don't, it depends on the case. They say wisdom comes with age and that might be right. Sometimes you know what but are doing is not right because you let your emotions make decisions and you make it anyway.

It's not so easy to find balance even though you know you should. I'm making rational decisions nowadays, more than emotional decisions because I've learned where emotional decisions can lead and I know I would regret not listening to my brain.


When I am about making right decisions, I do not allow emotional factors to come inbetween. The reason why I am saying so is that I know not making the right decision might backfire on me in the latter so I don't take chances when making a right decision.

I rather ignore my emotions now and be at peace later than let emotional factors to slow me down while I am trying to achieve a particular thing.

So I don't compromise making the right decisions with anything not even my feelings.


It is quite difficult when emotions try to prevent people from making the right decision, to choose between right and wrong. 

An example of this would be a teacher who knows her student also her son is wrong and she has to punish the child but her love for him prevents her from giving a harsh punishment which she had given to other students.  A duty bound teacher would not hesitate in this case but a person who has more of attachment would be led by emotions. 

It is quite natural that people are emotional. It is the nature of human beings but it should be remembered that emotions prevent a person from making the right move. 

A ruler, an army chief and people in power often face the dilemma of making the right decision but it is part of the game. 

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I do my best to avoid that. I try not to do anything under stress or anger. Last time I followed my impulses and excited emotions, it cost me a marriage.

Extremes states of happiness, sadness or anger only produce impulsive decisions that can have dire consequences. To make decisions, even the most mundane ones, require a cool mind. You see it in something as common as driving. I don’t have a car now, but during the time I had one I learned to respect that machine. A car can be such a wonderful ally and at the same time such a dangerous foe. Even under cheerful spells of happiness, which we may think are the best one, you can get too daring and brave and partying, drinking and speeding can cause horrible tragedies. Also, stress or anger do not get along with driving. Most accidents and road anger incidents could have been avoided if only people had ignored a provocation or what they thought was one.

I have seen myself literally biting my tongue to avoid an angry response to someone’s remark. I try not to answer a call or text if I feel I am too hyped. Every day I see people reacting to even Whatsapp images (profiles or status) and causing big arguments or misunderstandings. I try to avoid that. Better safe than sorry. I learned at an early age that the best win at a fight was the one you avoided. 

To control one’s emotions is a constant struggle. Some people have very peaceful personalities and seem never to let their emotions get them. I can’t hide my emotions; you will know if I am happy, sad or angry, but I can avoid being carried out by them.


Sometimes I fight so much not to let my emotions influence my decisions. To be very frank, I fail at times, at times I succeed in making decisions without my emotions getting in the way.

It's dicy though, but I try oftenly not to let my emotions influence my decisions.

I do this by disciplining my mind to do so; and so far, it has been working.

Thank you.


Before I let my emotions get in the way when I make the right decisions but now I realized that it was not a good thing to do to that because it will make me regret in the end and then I would  say to my self that I should have thought of my decisions well. If we want to make the right decisions we should think rationally to get everything right .


I am a pretty cold and calculated person. I tried not ever let emotion get in the way of doing what I need to be doing. There's a right way to do things and there's a wrong way to do things. If I let my emotions get in the way I'll end up making dumb decisions and they do not pay off in the end.