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Wouldn't it be great if Musing bought out tokens like Sportstalk and pal have done recently?
I would like to see Musing bring out a token at some point so we can rebuild the community here. it wouldn't take much and I think the sooner the better for everyone on Musing.

Musing having their own tokens will actually be a very nice initiative and project for every musing users. It will also be an advantage for most Steemians who always make use of Musing in answering questions and asking questions on the steem blockchain. I actually think the team may actually be working on such projects because it was discussed last year when Steemit Inc withdrew their delegation from Musing.

It will actually be great if musing can also develop their own tokens as this will add more to impact the steem blockchain and musing users for their activities on the steem blockchain. I just hope the team works on this as soon as possible since we have the opportunity of SMT coming up.

In conclusion, we can't actually predict the plans adopted by the team members but I am quite sure that they have the plan of engaging in the SMT. It will just take time and require some amount of income if necessary. I think the team are really working on something very important and I suggest we need to be patient with musing team and keep supporting musing and steem blockchain. I know everything will surely be implemented when it's time.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I have been waiting for that surprise but I think the waiting has been longer and we don't have a definite scenario either. I don't even think they are trying to make upto that. The curation has also reduced and it is not on a daily basis, hardly 3 to 4 times week they are curating. 

The point is that the regular active steeminas in musing are also very few at the moment. It may be hardly 10 to 11 people who are actively musing everyday. I have sympathy for all these people, regardless of who is a good or bad actor. 

There are so many shit tokens even created in Steem-engine but we could not able to see a token backed or created by Musing so far. That is a sad story. I am sure if musing will bring a token to this platform, then it will definitely be able to enhance the engagement level. On the financial part, I don't think it will cost much as we have also a variety of shit token in Steem-engine. Then why not an average token be introduced by musing.

Apart from curation, Musing should at least reward these few people who are actively engaging over last 3 months and these few people have really made their contribution to keep the activity level intact in musing. 

 There are some good question and good answers too in musing. So it is motivating even during a bear phase. Musing should show little bit of interest to make this platform even better. It requires just a bit of extra push, enthusiasm, etc.