What criteria do you use when voting for witnesses?
Do you vote for witnesses? How did you choose the witnesses you voted for? And why are you voting for them and not others?

I choose witness votes very carefully. It is important to read up about them and see what they are doing.

There were a few shocking ones before that were all about self gain and people handed over voting power to them. I am not gullible and want whats nest for Steem.

I look for someone that is active in the community and isn't all about self gain. Someone that is respected and is approachable. Someone that cares about Steemit and will fight for what is right. they don't have to be a developer but need to understand the block chain and how new ideas are not just pushed through without any thought. One of the other witnesses could be trying a fast one to benefit themselves.

If I am not sure i will ask a couple of my followers who I trust for some advice.


To be honest I didn't search about them and it will also be difficult to do that. I heard that you can also set someone as proxy so maybe this can be a good solution to let somebody who knows better about witnesses vote for you. This kind of people are discussing everything with them and they are always in touch. acctually i also search a good proxy for me.


There are maybe one or two witness I have voted for that I have not heard talking on a voice chat,

I like to hear the witness and what they are about, I want them to give time to the community and express in the community what they think. I like to see if they listen to the community and take into account some of the concerns voiced. 

If they are not in the community I see them the same as the bankers, Doing whatever to fill the pocket. I know there are some that are just not interested or do not feel comfortable talking. Those it will take me a bit longer to vote on. 

I vote to those who express the same or similar moral values to those I hold steadfast.