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How gambling destroys lives?
Gambling is a vice that many of us have it and it is hard to quite once you start it, but from here till ruining or destroying lives it is a load road...or is it not ... ?

Gambling is not good for health both mentally as well as financially. It may lead you to distress and you never know when all your hard earned money disappear suddenly with huge loss, although there is potential that you can make it huge by luck but it has equally that risk also. It is addictive too. So even if someone wins, he is not going to stop, he will play again, get tempted to win more and finally lose all.

So if you have started it, immediately quit that. If you have never started it and looking upon it and planning for it, then never do that, it will ruin your peaceful life. There may be struggle in your life financially, but do not go by gambling route, do hard work, motivate yourself, you will be successful too.

Just make yourself discipline enough and write in a piece of paper that "i will not gamble anymore" and paste it in the wall, so that every moment you will be aware of your promise and discipline. Most of the people are certain to lose sooner or later in gambling. Very few lucky only make money in gambling and that is also short lived if they do not stop gambling. Gambling is not a healthy practice for every class of people. If you are playing with your hard earned money, then I think you may see more severe and pathetic time, when you see yourself giving up with your hard earned money in gambling. Gambling only suits for them who have excess or spare money which they can afford to lose and they do not care about the outcome of gambling. They simple do it for fun. 

 Almost everyone do love their money. After all who does not ? Strategy is good thing but in gambling strategy works less. So gambling is pure luck and you can not measure your luck. So better not to indulge in gambling. Gambling with hard earned money is not fun. You work hard, apply your skill and after a period of time you generate some money and when you gamble with this money, it has the potential to lose spontaneously within minutes. How painful that is ? Just imagine. I am not saying that you will not win. You may win couple of times. But that will make you greedy and addicted and you will lose all including your initial money.

Also your win is loss of some one. So what is the use of such a win which is at the cost of other's happiness. Even though it is within the predefined rules, but morally it is not good. So better believe in your self, do not follow short cut, work hard and earn money. That will be long lasting & useful for your life. You will also become more serious about your life and you will be more disciplined too.


1. Gambling enslavement can make you lose your loved ones effectively. Numerous separations are caused by a gambling addiction and result from untreated habit. A gambling issue actually creates an actual colossal social isolation since gambling appears to wind up as the most critical thing.

2. An untreated and extreme gambling issue can cause the most exceedingly bad tension and misery which prompts an extraordinary feeling of depression. This gloom can prompt betting related suicides which are normal. Gambling addiction has the most elevated suicide rate among other adictions, no doubt.

3. This compulsion can cause an absence of working in all everyday issues, including work. Numerous individuals have lost their positions because of a gambling issue. This can intensify the money related obliteration officially experienced from the addiction itself.

4. compulsive gambling can really actually turn out to be comprehensive. The physical strength of the gambler can decay quickly. In the event that you are battling with this addiction yourself, you may not be eating right, working out, visiting a specialist, or dealing with your teeth. These physical issues can really take a genuine toll on wellbeing and the disregard of the body can result in intense outcomes.

5. Monetary ruin is an immediate consequence of this addiction and gambling obligations can turn out to be so enormous and outlandish that insolvency is by all accounts the main choice. Many debts actually from gambling can likewise result in dispossessions, loss of investment funds, retirement accounts, and maximized Visas. The monetary aftermath of a gambling addiction can keep going long past the time that the addiction actually stops.

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Yes! Gambling destroys lives and it is a habit that is difficult to quit. Once the habit has gotten to be a part of you, Then you could be ruined if care is not taken.

Gambling is a game of risk so anyone who does not have the capacity to take risks is not advised to gamble. There are people who get lucky by winning through gambling but most of them if there tell you their stories you won't like to hear it because before they might have won they have lost a fortune too.

It is a very good thing if a gambler decides to change even though it's not easy but such person deserves some accolades.

Gambling is capable of destroying lives as people go as far as selling of their properties just to gamble and that can ruin their life.

It is better to avoid gambling than getting yourself involved in it. If you feel you really need to gamble, then gamble with an amount of money that won't hurt you if lost.

When gambling, one needs to have the mindset that you either win or loose. As such, gambling is a game of probability. 


Gambling is a destiny destroyer in many ways.

1) It stimulate and nurture the spirit of Lazyness by inculcating the philosophy of "Quick Money Without Effort" . This tendency makes gamblers to become Poorer and would prey on society as Miscreants and thieves in the near future!!

2) Gambling is always associated with gangsterism , where violence and sometimes killings are the norm. Some gamblers are always suicide victims.

3) Repository of Contraband and Narcotic Drugs which destroys their mental falculty ; turning them into candidates of psychiatric homes. It thus robs society of needed able bodied manpower.

4) Gamblers are bad examples nto youths and young adults who would mimic their evil actions to the detriment of their well being as they get matured.

Thee menance of gambling is so phenomenal that I will not hesitate to ban it outright if I am so Enabled by Law !!


Gambling does not destroy lives. AN INDIVIDUAL’S LACK OF SELF-DISCIPLINE does.

Many can gamble in moderation with no problems.

Thus, it is not the activity itself, but a person’s relationship with it which may become destructive.


There is an incident happened here in the Philippines several months ago where a man was able to killed a lot of people by burning some gambling tables and firing all around and then killed himself in a casino hotel. Base on what I have watched on the news, this man was totally depressed. He lost a lot of money, properties and even lost his family. The main reason is his addiction to gambling. So yes! Gambling can destroy lives..