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Which SMT project has the best chance to succeed ?

At this present point in time, I think there are definitely three standout Dapps on STEEM that will succeed.  There are many others that will probably do well, but I place these 3 above the rest.  This is just my personal view, not based on any usage stats or market research.  This is also not financial advice at all, just my opinion. Do your own research.

## 1. @steemhunt.

Steemhunt is possibly the most ambitious and forward thinking of the steem Dapps.  One of the first to set up a token system, and airdrop to all Steemians that claimed the tokens.  Will definitely be one of the first SMT's to roll out and they have a few more strings to their bow that have not yet kicked in.  Once HUNT tokens are in full force, and a thriving currency of their own, the potential they show truly opens up.

The "Hunting" aspect of their Dapp is just the beginning for Steemhunt.  Once companies and product inventors realise that there is a large and rapidly growing group of early adopters all congregated in one place, the true value kicks in.  I strongly believe that next year, the "reviewhunt" offer that is to come from steemhunt will grow much faster and much bigger than the steemhunt offer has.  This will drive the HUNT token, give it usability for hunters, and appeal for producers of new products in launch phase.

The other aspect to come is the "ideahunt" portion.  This sounds to me to be very much along the lines of a STEEM based Kickstarter.  The awesome part is that crowdfunding can become a central part of the HUNT economy, and by definition that makes it a part of the overall STEEM eco-system.

In short, I am strongly of the belief that Steemhunt is probably poised to be the biggest and best thing that has ever happened on STEEM.

## 2. @steemmonsters

I personally have no experience of this Dapp.  I presume it will have an SMT, but I don't know that for sure.  I have deliberately avoided getting myself involved in steemmonsters.  This is not because I don't like the idea, or don't want to give it a go.  I just know of myself that if I got into it, I would end up putting a lot of STEEM into it.  I deliberately don't play many games, because when I do I go all out.  At this point in time, I really can't afford to be spending my STEEM on cards and games.  I need it for other things.

I do think that steemmonsters is going to be huge.  It will draw a great many newbies in to STEEM.  The game looks awesome, and it has an appeal far greater than the crypto crowd.  As an advertisement to the world of the potential of the STEEM blockchain it is head and shoulders above the rest.  The hugely successful kickstarter they ran is testament to its potential.  I will watch from the sidelines for a bit longer, and no doubt curse the fact that I did not get into it from the start.

Steemmonsters will be massive, down the track I honestly believe it could have millions of active daily users. And that will be an absolute boon for STEEM.

## 3. @musing

Musing is the third Dapp I believe is going to be huge, and draw many new people to STEEM.  Can you imagine the rush once all of the excellent contributors on the mainstream competitor to Musing realise they could come here and be rewarded financially for what they do.  I have only been here 7 days, but I'm hooked on it.  

The power of musing is that it gives a captive audience.  So much time on STEEM is spent trying to build an audience.  Even after months, good content producers can be earning practically nothing, undiscovered and unable to break in to the sphere of influence.  Some may be found by @curie, others may find supportive communities and carve their niche.  Many, however, give up and leave.

Here on musing, a totally different audience is exposed to your questions and answers.  Yes there are obviously some here just for the up-vote. They are lured by the big voting power and playing the game.  I do strongly believe that what sets musing apart is that there are many thinkers here.  Often, on STEEM, you can pose an interesting question, and no one even sees it in your post, Here, the questions are seen, and the answers have a much higher level of visibility.  Some of the answers I have given here would have been totally ignored on a general STEEM front end, but here they have found an audience.

Again, I have presumed a future SMT here without knowing for sure.  It would make sence, and I think it would be a huge success.

There are many more great Dapps that I like and I believe will do well, for me at the moment however, I think these three are the standouts.

I hope you find my answer useful and have a great day,


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For me seeing how SMT works and how they plan things out even before the integration of SMTs on the Steem Blockchain, I believe so far these are the potential SMT leaders that will hit Steem.

- Appics

Appics is an amazing SMT that will revolutionize how social media is incentivized from the users. The way Appics designed it is basically following the protocol of Steemit, just adding some additional key features. Appics wishes to be the competitor of Instagram, rewarding users and giving back the power to the users.

- Steem Hunt

With the team behind Steemhunt project, Steemhunt tokens (SMT) will potentially become a big hit to the market once it launches. The project is all about digging products and then earn from it. Tokenizing this kind of platform, it will attract a lot of investors aiming to explore and dig products too.

- SMT Project of @donkeypong

There has been no information about it or how will it be done but what amazes me the most is that there has been quite good amount of Steem Dollars / Steem / Steem Power to generate the SMT crowdfunding. There has been not much detailed about it for quite a lot of reasons. You can check out the funding account under @communitycoin. The account is owned by @donkeypong.

- Actifit

Actifit is also a good choice for me rewarding people who wishes to be healthy. Its an amazing positive reinforcement that we earn from being healthy and having regular exercise.


Actifit and Musing, not necessarily in this order. 

Actifit is a great app to motivate and reward people for their fitness activity. Health is very important and motivating people to get off the couch and do some exercise for their own health is amazing! 

Musing is an excellent place to learn and earn in the same time. it's easy to use, no extra skills are required here, and you can share your knowledge with others. 


I really do think that a project's success depends on its userbase especially when it comes to crypto and the blockchain. When your userbase is truly enjoying and loving your project, then your project is likely to succeed.

That is why, these three SMT's are the one I think will succeed more compared to others:

  • @appics - If I am not mistaken, they kinda work like Instagram and with some added features from SteepShot. Right now, people are way too addicted in taking pictures of absolutely anything, with Appics they will now have a chance of being rewarded some digital tokens just by posting their content.
  • @chibera - People are now slowly getting addicted to "gaming", Chibera is probably the first real mmorpg game to be released on Steem. If everything goes smoothly and if it is the game most gamers expect it to be, then for sure Chibera will succeed
  • @actifit - Surprinsingly, the number of people paying attention to their health and well-being is increasing day by day. Actifit allows one to earn some reward by tracking one's physical activity such as running/jogging. I mean, getting paid to exercise? Why not right!!!

As per the current scenario, some of dApps are working hard to break the barriers and  growing faster day by day. In my view,

STEEMHUNT would be the leading project when SMT launched because of many reasons such as hunting unique products to attract the inventor and real companies to this platform for investing more to become a larger hunting platform based on STEEM Blockchain as crypto is the future of the world. The HUNT Token value would be good when SMT will launch. I'd say that STEEMHUNT is just at beginning level where still growing day by day, even 200% increased in last two months. By seeing the growth of this project, none will say that it will not going to be lead. its FOR SURE.

MUSING is the wonderful dApp based on STEEM Blockchain for asking questions and answers. It works like a Quora website. I must say that this would be 2nd fastest growing app so it will surely going to lead when SMT launch. It will be grow like now each day. I saw plenty of people joining this platform day by day. As it give rewards as per your quality comments.

ACTIFIT is the third fastest growing dApp by its unique features. It rewards you for your fitness. I saw the first time that you are going to get aid for your daily activity, fitness, and much more. 

I'm pretty much sure that there are more apps who are struggling like a crazy banana. They must be passed and get success by the time. 



Actifit seems to have really hit the ground running. No pun intended, Well maybe a little. Seriously though it is getting a ton of exposure and people love that it pays them to exercise.