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Do you think that the law of attraction works?

I think yes, but I don't think that it works exactly how in The law of attraction book or movie it is being described. I consider that our brain and subconscious mind has a great power to manifest all sort of things and situations and that there is in the Universe a resonance that attracts people and situations that are alike but I don't think that everything is possible and anyone can achieve anything. I do believe that in rights we are all equal but in capacities we are completely different and some are made to be millionaires while some aren't. The ones that are not meant to be millionaires don't have to be poor their whole life because there always is room for improvement but I don't think that everyone can be a millionaire. Same as with opening businesses or whatever else was exemplified in the book and in the movie. Sometimes you wish for some business or life situation and apply what you learned from the book and do that for a long period of time but you don't have any result and you quit. It doesn't mean that you failed. It means that probably you had something even better right around the corner waiting for you. I've seen that from my own experience with things that I wanted so much, didn't had but soon after other ones, better came to my life. Don't get me wrong I don't encourage anyone to not dream or wish for the better, but I don't see the point in getting tied to that. Looking back at my life I realized that even if I liked it or not everything has fallen into its place at the tight time and in the right way. There is though a seed of truth in the law of attraction but I think it lacks something very important which is karma and the fact that we are not equal. Everything is possible but not for everyone and not whenever we want and whatever we want. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I experienced it on my own.  

These are my opinions on the topic. Hope you found them insightful and wish you a great day!


The law of attraction yes it works. The outcome of the attraction depends on the attracting force.

Take for example magnets. If people were magnets, you can place the magnets side by side and no attraction will happen. If you turn one it will have an effect on the other, It will attract it to it or it will reply the other magnet. 

In most cases the magnets (people) are all on a parallel like train tracks. At some point though, two people will gain an attraction to each other, Their polar forces will collide and attract of reply each each other, People you like easy or have to work at liking.

Depending on the strength of the magnet. Which would be how much each side has an attraction for the other. Will be how long the attraction lasts unless more energy is put into the magnets. There are two sides to the magnets. and if both magnets do not circle at the same speed Ultimately they will repel each other and move away from each other. This would be were relationships break down, People do not always grow together and the experiences we have in life effect the future choices we will make, Attraction is real it works, It is not guaranteed to be a remedy for success