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Is it okey to be depressed during crypto market crash ?

It is upto you. 

Whether you are depressed or happy is entirely upto you. Many people are actually happy with the crypto crush because they think the price of the of crypto will recover and they may have sold most of their cryptos in order  to buy lower.

I think depression is natural considering that many people have lost a lot of money in the crypto market. If you browse the r/cryptocurrency reddit, you will see a lot of stories about people in debt after losing 50 - 80% of their initial investment.


lol ...

sorry for my initial reaction there

it's pointless to be , you have no control over it unless you're a 1%er fat fish

i just did some math on another question and by all accounts my numbers are rock solid from the start, despite a few weeks of harassment by nazicleaners and what not, i would be seriously at my $5 a day, with time to spare since its not december yet

meaning i could , if i wanted disconnect from whatever's trying to manipulate me, steer my life because this is not how its done

i would be stress-free barring a few minor interventions from some inbreeds here , i could focus on growing, not on making meet

but some competitive psychopath somewhere feels its a great idea to cut the prices for whatever reasons these people have in their narcist mind, so i need about 10 times more than i would

that's not about you should have incorporated because you cant

like forex or stock trading , you simply can't be sure

so being depressed might be hard to avoid but it is in essence pointless, i think you should consider your options instead, 

at any rate (but im NOT an advisor) if you got in high then this is not the time to get out lol, its worthless at the time being to sell off, i see no reason at all why it wouldnt go up if the steemgods on mount steempus would put their back into fixing the troll-problem a,nd  try to attract some real money but most of them probably like their little kingdom here so that would be "competition" to them

check your options there, its not the first time it's low ...

i checked mine

i have none HAHAHAHAAH

a classic sample of how my life gets f-d over every single time by third party interference, but im not depressed about it , that's a waste of time, like getting angry

its not always easy to control but you can try and steel yourself a bit towards that, if you wanna play currencies you should :)

i didnt read the paper on the markdown yet :p there i go again, <b>DRAT</b>s ... i need to stop falling for that pitfall (don't i, Karin ? <- ex-teacher) , calling people names makes me a smaller person in my eyes


You know one thing that I have learned in life? Nothing is worth dying for. Life is more valuable than any other thing in life. It doesn't matter if you have lost everything. What matters is that you are alive. The question you have to ask yourself is, what did come into this world with? You came into this world with nothing, and so shall we all leave this world with nothing. So, what is the point of being depressed over the market crash. Yes, it is painful for those that have invested so much with the hope of getting something in return, but always remember, there are so many things to be thankful for. The fact that the price crashed today does not mean it will crash forever, and even if it does. Life goes on!


Bbecause that depends on how much money you have invested and in what month you have done it even though it was known that not everything would rise forever but hope that everything will improve according to the SEC of the news of whether or not it accepted the ETFs. but hey do not feel bad everything will improve as time goes by just to hold.


It is totally on you 

If you have invested and you see market crashed then you feel depressed that it is depend upon you because you feel that your investment becomes to 60%and so you become depressed.

But in same condition when you see that market is becoming then you sell your coin and buy at when it reach the bottom and then you earn a huge profit then you will fill happy while going to depressed.

It is on you that you are depressed or happy.

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