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I am a newcomer to the musing platform, I want to ask, what is steps I have to do here so that I can succeed here?

You are most welcome to musing my dear.

If you have come here primarily for making Questions or Answering to a Question then I am sure you will have lot of fun and you can have more value addition from day to day basis if you are consistent enough. At the end of day you may get some reward in the form of upvotes from musing. Please do remember that musing is the first ever blockchain based Question & Answer platform and it is a DApp on the top of steem blockchain.

If you are focused on "how to get upvotes from musing", then you may miss the charm of a Question and Answer platform and you may tend to be counting on "how many question should I put on musing on daily basis" or "how many answers should I do on daily basis". This is natural, when our focus shift from the primary purpose to the secondary one, then it becomes just another way to make money only and the primary purpose may not remain in the forefront and just because we have to make money, we have to either ask question or answer to a question , no matter whether those question come naturally or not, out of your curiosity or not and in the process we make the entire concept more synthetic and not organic.

Why I am saying this to a new comer like you ? Because there have been many who come here and go and all those short term ambitious people were centered around the reward that is why they did not find it profitable for them. Look at the long term impact of such a platform and see how you can align yourself with a platform like this. Find that curiosity first. Just erase the profit part or reward part for some time, just take musing like a normal Q&A platform which does not pay. I am sure you will enjoy it and whatever upvotes you will get at the end of the day will be like bonus and brings smile to your face for sure. Musing do recognize your effort and time and that is why it pays you something for your effort and as long as you remain in the frame of curation guidelines of musing, you will have more chances of success in the context of reward.

Simply put, focus on the organic way of Question and Answers, do not fabricate. Enjoy this platform on the top of steem blockchain. Make value addition.. Be consistent. At the end get rewarded in the form of upvotes, but never make your reward as primary. That will be my suggestion.

Musing curation guideline 


Musing discord channel


Thank you and Have a great day.


Respect the time of the community:

  • If your question just asks for a definition, or rather a long overview, google or go to wikipedia. And come back here to develop a point or an implication that you would not have understood, or the overview that would miss.
  • Your question may have already been asked and answered 50 times here. Look in Musing first before re-posing.

Make yourself understood:

  • Your reader has no idea of ​​the context in which you place your question, where you are coming from, do not necessarily know your acronyms, may not even live in the same country as you. And if there is a hiatus on what you expect, he may lose 1 hour to type an answer that does not really interest you.

→ Be careful to give all the context to understand your question, and what you want to know.

Musing is not:

  • A place to do your homework for you. Neither to do the homework of others. If it looks like homework, say / ask what has been tried, and where there is a need to unlock a bit.
  • An office of experts, including medical, able to give you guaranteed answers on topics that may have consequences for you or your loved ones. For that, use the real professionals, not internet.
  • An agora where to sell your personal theories in science, spirituality, politics, etc. Worse if you pass this in the form of a false question, or answer-tract claiming to state the true sure of course, and even worse if you "photocopy" the same thing 10 times (or under slight variations). → Gurus, followers, spammers and activists, go your way (unless the question is really open to that).

As a respondent:

  • Musing is not a forum, but a question-and-answer site. If you do not know, do not answer (others will do better). If you think you know but it's not safe, think about saying it.
  • If you have an idea association related to the question but that is not an answer to the question, it does not have its place as an answer. (except for questions that have been missed or mis-asked, or that call for quirky or humorous answers). or at least in addition to your direct answer, or possibly in the comments.

Welcome to Musing.io and Welcome to Steem blockchain @Curiesea

Musing.io is a Steem interface where people ask QUESTIONS and get answers.

These are the steps to succeed here on Musing.io:

1. Be creative

2. Ask questions

3. Answer questions

4. Do not plagiarize contents

5. Be a consistent contributor

6. Follow others and interact well

7. Power up your Steem lest you run shot of Manna

For more information:

 Read Musing curation guideline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit

Visit Musing discord channel: https://discord.gg/uFCPMRe 


before I answer your question, I welcome you to the musing.io platform. this is a question and answer platform. and introduce me @aulia1993 from Indonesia. nice to meet you.

the answer I want to give to your question, based on my experience on the musing.io platform. For the steps to succeed on the musing.io platform, you must be able to answer questions from other people both logically and scientifically. and the words of your answer must also be clear and convincing. and I suggest you not use words that have 2 meanings. for example, you say times. times have river meanings, and times also mean multiples. words like this will cause someone to read a misunderstanding. therefore you must really pay attention to words that have 2 meanings. and if you are able to answer other people's questions well, you will get high curation from other people as well as from the musing. and you will also get curations for good questions.

That is in my opinion the steps for you to succeed on the musing.io platform. and hope you are happy to join the musing.io platform. my best regards to you.


Each person give answer to musing question differently . They have different methods and style and approaches but most important and common thing is these answers . That is how much authentic information put in it. Some people give answer in lengthy paragraph your you seen in hot question lot of people get musing upvote event they can't write big paragraph . Most importent thing which always work on musing.io . Musing.io must see your information  validity and credibility.

But on the other hand paragraphing and sytlye and proper way of answer also considerable . How you present that answer.

These are some prefect format for answer

  • Definition 
  • introduction
  • Causes and effect
  • solution and finding

If you use this format . In this way your answer more clear and give proper explanation toward question.


First off:

What is your definition of “success” in context?