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What features would you like to see added to Musing?
One feature that I'd personally like to see added, is some sort of leaderboard. I think it would be pretty cool to see how I'm doing compared to other members. Perhaps even host some competitions for example? Let me hear what you think should be added!

Product: Definition, Scope, & Development

I feel a little weird answering this question, but I definitely want to at the same time. The reason I feel weird is because the Musing team has clearly defined their product (comparing it to websites like Quora & Yahoo! Answers) and the first thing your question makes me think of is something many would probably see as out-of-scope for Musing.

What I Like About Musing

I've never used a website like Quora or Yahoo! Answers, yet I'm incredibly active on Musing. Why? I can think of several immediate reasons, although there are probably more:

  • Musing Has A Community - the very nature of being able to mirror one's answers to questions on this app, to your personal Steemit blog, creates a sense of community. We're here from Steemit, we're not random/spontaneous people popping in from anywhere to answer a question, like on Quora.
  • I'm a dApp Advocate - While I've been into crypto since 2012, I didn't really pull the trigger on becoming a dApp user until I was banned from YouTube and 2/3 of my content was deleted. Now, I'm all in.
  • I Support STEEM Over Other Decentralized Platforms - This is only how I feel currently, therefore my thoughts on this may change. However, I can simply sum it up like this: ETH requires you to pay for smart transactions, EOS requires you to stake for resources, and STEEM allows you to play for free (currently creating the least barrier for entry.) This may all change.

What I'd Like To See Added to Musing

Okay, here's the weird part (and the true answer to your question.) This idea exceeds the product's current definition & scope - and may be better suited as a different dApp entirely (shame I'm not a Developer.)

The Lost Art of Video Responses


In 2015, I made a video arguing against the removal of the "video response" feature on YouTube. Remember that? This pre-Google, and when most of YouTube was populated by casual VLogs (unlike today where a lot of content has a higher level of production value or is framed like a TV show, rather than someone simply speaking in front of a camera.)

In application, the feature was similar to Musing in that someone would ask a question - or - pose a statement/opinion and ask for feedback. It created (mostly) genuine conversation in a more personable way (via video rather than text.)

I'd love a video feature embedded into Musing.

If not, and you have experience in writing & deploying apps on STEEM, tweet me @stevecronin

What Do You Think?

Out of scope for Musing? Should it be its own thing? Is it a ridiculous idea in the first place and there's a reason why Google opened fire on this feature in the first place? Lol, let me know :)


What I want to have added on musing is the ability for users to post powered up answers and questions just like some of steem dapps and of steemit itself. It will give chance to users to power up some steem tokens from their comments/posts to further increase their stake and influence to the platform. I wish this will be developed soon. It will be helpful for both users and the platform. And I'm one of those users that would be so happy to power up some contributions.


Having some contests on Musing is not a bad thing, However having a leader-board of users serves to have a negative effect, We are not in competition with each other on Musing or Steemit, We are trying to build a working community. 

Having a Leader-board will only lead to people trying to out do the other, Posting more spam questions to reach a higher level of questions answered, while bringing no value to the platform, Spam questions bring the reputation of the platform down. The Quality of content is what will bring readers to the question to Musing,

A site were we are all pitted against each other and ranked to gain exposure on a leader-board would have a negative effect on the platform.

Why do you need to be compared to anyone. Our success is not reliant on the success or failure of anyone. A ranking system serves no purpose but to put people working on opposite sides, leaving people trying to do better than others did, and take their focus away from their projects or ambitions with a sidetrack of ambition to reach the top of a leader-board.

There s already a reputation score people have, There is the Steem Power they have. Why do we need yet another ranking system? Will those at the lower levels be looked at differently to those at the top?


Currently musing has become popular like steemit. Everyday new user come to steemit and also joining musing. So I think musing should do something special for their users. So that they may benefit.

Notification system: Musing has no notification system. It's very needed. So that user can see their account activity. I think this will a helpful for all users.

Toggle Night Mode: Musing also should add this feature. It will help people . Steemit has this feature but musing hasn't. This feature can safe our eyes.

Video upload system: We know that practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge. Modern world is believe in practical things. If musing will add this feature then people will be happy for that feature. And people can learn everything practically. So I think musing should add this feature.

Comment system: Musing should add comment system. It will also help the people. By adding this feature we can know about our lackness. So that we can find out our lackness and can repair our lackness.


A great question. I've some feature request and would love if that get added to musing platform in near future.

1. Flexibility to Search Questions & Answers

Currently, if I want to answer questions which have not been answered for a month now I cannot find them. Hence, making the search more flexible would be a good option to be added on musing.

2. Picture speaks a thousand words

I'm seeing many people are not able to add images to their answers. So a better and easy option will be helpful.

3. Hyper link addition

Will be nice to have hyperlinks - if I want to give some reference to the article as an reference will be great.

4. News section

Something tied to what lately has been happening on the musing platform lately and future road-map

5. Users Rating

A user rating based on this contribution and various other factors. Similar to that we have in other dApp platform. This should help eliminate SPAM, plagiarism, cut copy paste etc.. 


Actually there already is some sort of leader board for example when you open the answer section you would see the the person who got the biggest upvote for a question answered, that's how I got to know the people who are one of the most splendid contributors on musing.io

The feature I would love is for musing.io to have a sort of reputation score for each users to see how good and relevant their contribution has been, I know it may seem very audacious since we already have a reputations score on steemit which musing.io is built on.

However I think musing.io is an advanced dapp that boost the highest number of human currently and it will be amazing if I click on a users profile on musing.io and see like a reputations score to show how far and how good your contributions have been.

Mind you, this score will be solely based on musing.io engagements and contribution really and bot on your steemit.com engagements.

The second one will be that I want to see a count of question asked and questions answered on each users profile in other to keep tabs of your contributions and other users too on musing.io


Honestly, with the new implementation of HF20 where decentralized applications can now help onboard users with the "Resource Credits" , I am absolutely excited to see them updating the webpage with a "Instant sign up process".

In this way because of Musing, we can hook more and more potential users aiming to give value to this platform. Even though competition will start more tough, for the benefit of the platform I would have to give way to new users.

A signup option on Musings "Landing Page" will be much essential as of this moment. We need more and more users joining Steemit and I believe it is actually a purpose why Steemit Inc. supports dApps so much. They wanted to onboard new users exploring these different kinds of platforms.

I am all in the Musing's objectives, mission, and vision as to where the platform is heading. I salute @jonching for creating a healthy website. How he handles people also matters the most. 


I think Musing is in a pretty good place right now, and there are no huge features I want to see added right away. There are of course a few quality of life features I would want, such as:

- Personal stats: see how many answers you've written, how many questions you have asked etc. It could be as easy as adding a number to the feed that's already available on the profiles right now. 

- Leaderboards, It would be nice to see how the most active users are, and maybe even get a friendly rivalry for the top spots going. I would suggest having one leaderboard for number of questions and answers, and another one for upvotes on questions and answers. 

- More categories / tags. This would be nice, but I guess it can also wait until we have a bigger user base. 

- Achievement that award badges. It would be really cool if you got badges on your profile after achieving certain things. For example getting a badge (or trophy) for having written 100 answers, having gotten upvoted 500 times etc. It would really add some value to checking out other people's profiles. 

I would also like some bigger updates in the future, like an SMT or other completely new features, but I don't see the rush for getting these right now. 


The ability to resteem an already posted answer here!

While I'm not really sure if this is indeed possible considering questions and answers on Musing are all treated as comments on the Steem blockchain. But it really would be really cool if we can somehow resteem our already posted answer here on Musing as a blog post. XD

I usually only post a content as a blog post when I feel like my answer needs to be seen by others outside Steem or if it's highly exceptional XD. Sometimes though at the heat of the moment I just instinctively write and write and just hit submit. 

The problem though is that hours after, after re-reading what I wrote I feel like it needs to be shared/resteemed. I feel it needs to be seen by others outside Musing too. XD 

So it would be really cool if Musing can add this feature, an ability to resteem a posted answer here. Again not sure if possible. 


I would like to see some kind of whitelist like Tasteem and Steemhunt has.  I think it would go a long way towards getting rid of some of the spam that is happening on the platform.  I also think it would make the job much easier for the curators since all of that is happening manually.

Having to sift through less junk posts to get to the actual good ones will just be better all around for the whole platform.  It has to be a hard enough job as it is doing the curation, let alone having to dig through spam posts to get to the good ones.  Short answer, but that is the one thing I would really like to see added.  


I'd like to see something akin to curiouscat or ask.fm, where users can ask questions directly to one person, even anonymously if they so desire.


A Notification Center, which holds a list of notifications (think facebook, twitter, Quora,...) of all replies and upvotes you received.


To encourage more engagement, it would be great to have a comment contest organised by @musing and the users will have to vote on the most interesting comment.

The winner gets a huge upvote from @musing.😉


I personally feel that we must have a strong mechanism to curb spam questions and answers. Musing still very new and trying to build its foundation and you all know whenever something is new, it is most vulnerable to this kind of things.

While musing is great Q&A platform, we need some tools for curators to make it happen that the spam questions should not get added nor the spam answers, it has to be productive and with the rise in popularity the spammers have also jumped in to it with a large volume.

I hope the team and the curators are working on it and they will have a framework updated in musing soon.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I would like to see GIFS😍


I want an option to record an audio/video response to the question.


 Personally I would love to see comments from the curation team as to  why  they thought certain answers were good and deserved the upvote they   got.  

Were they humourous and made the team laugh? Was it  informative but not  dry and academic? Did it simply touch them and make  them feel happy or  sad after reading?  

A lot more work on the already over-burdened team I know, but man it  would be great to know their thoughts 

As for leaderboard, that would be great. To get a sense of how I am currently doing on musing right now I use steemworld.org load musing up and then go to outbound votes. It gives me an idea of how I am doing over the last 7 days

For instance in the past 7 days I am doing very well LOL. Although with all the new people lately I have dropped over 3% from last week


I know some of you know how to add photos or extra information. I haven't learnt how to do that yet and would like something similar to Steemit which makes it easy to load.

Sometimes being able to add a graph or photo adds to the answer and can make a big difference to the payout.

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I would like a better notification method . At the moment you have to thrall through posts on steemitbloggers when ginabot notified you of a comment. The steemitbloggers comment section is full of the weeks questions and takes ages to load so it is impossible to find your comment. Also when you ask a question I find it hard to find later on in the week to see how it is doing .