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What is the usefulness of taking pictures?

Photographs are really useful. I think that it is very wonderful and it has lots of uses. Some of which are:

  • To illustrate/educate. For education purposes, photographs are very important to illustrate and educate a particular topic. For example, the outer space, there are lots of photographs taken outside the earth that shows what is out there. Because of that, we may be able to see the stars and other bodies that we won't be able to see without photograph.
  • To record moments. A photograph is something to look at when we want to look back to important events in our lives. For example, your birthday when you were still young, as you browse through your photographs, you may be able to see how that particular event happen and because of that you may be able to reminisce the memories.
  • Beauty appreciation/art. Because of photographs, we are able to appreciate the beauty of people, things, animals and nature. For example, even if you have not been to Hawaii, seeing photos of its beautiful beaches, you will be able to see the wonders of nature and you will appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth.
  • Commercial/advertising. A photo can be used commercially. For example, you want to advertise a house that you want to sell, taking photos of it well help the buyer have an idea about what it looks like. A good photo of it will help boost your selling. 

I think photographs play an important role in our lives. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


For art and documenting the moment. Describing someone written or oral can be another way for others to be in on the experience but a single picture could reduce the amount of explanation you need to do when trying to recall an experience. Furthermore, when you are trying to describe visual art, visual interpretations from your point of view may not reflect the totality of the art you are describing to. Having a photo can help the person you're talking to draw out their own interpretation from the piece.