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How can stress be reduced?
The first step to overcome stress is to know what causes stress, in which case you alone know that. After that, write down whatever stress triggers are so you can anticipate what steps you need to take to prevent or fight stress.

The next step is to do things that can provide relaxation for your body and mind, such as:

1. Take out all the stuff
Bury feelings, especially the feelings that bother you, can make you stress. Better say everything so you can take off your burden. Spell out all that is in the mind to the person concerned, the person you trust, or the psychologist. Believe me, after removing all the hacks, your feelings must be much better.

2. Exercise In addition to making the body healthy, exercise can also relieve stress. One simple way can be either walking or cycling around the house complex.
Stress is the one thing we all have. We bring it on by trying to get to a better position, let people treat us badly, and want more from us than we can give, if we want to get the work done properly.

Stress can be reduced by mediation, exercise, walking, listening to calming music during the night at a level you can just about hear, and breathing exercises.

Mediating at night for say around ten minutes before sleep, and a few minutes in the morning once you get in to a pattern.

The obvious answer is to avoid stressful situations, but it seems these days we cannot always do that. We can try, and see if we can get around the stress that causes us to get uptight.

Another one that is easier said then done. But it is a good way of attempting to be less stressed.
Walking for a half an hour daily can help you very much!
Engaging in Religious Activities

When the heart is not calm, our parents would often recommend to pray and get closer to the Almighty. Apparently, it is proven scientifically able to reduce the sense of stress and feelings of self-loathing.

In The SuperStress Solution, Dr. Roberta Lee reveals that religious people often use their spiritual beliefs in the face of every life issue. Dr. Lee is supported by the National Institute for Health Care Research (NIHR) study which explains that students at a Canadian university who engage in religious activities are less likely to experience stress disorders than other students.
Try how to remove the following stress:

Lots of activity and move

A vibrant life will make your body and mind more focused so you can keep away from stress. The trick is to exercise so that emotions are more controllable and clear your mind so you are more calm.

Take over

Do not let your life be controlled by stress. For example by thinking, "There's nothing I can do to solve this problem." This kind of thinking will only make you feel helpless. Though believing that yourself is capable of doing anything will help you find a solution to the problem.

Establish communication

Never keep your own problems. How to relieve stress is to get the support of friends, family, and people closest. So, take the time to meet and communicate with them so you feel relaxed. After all, having a positive social life will make you happier.

Me time!

Too much struggle with stress causes like work will make you not have me time. So, set aside a day or two a week to do a hobby or something you like. If you are confused, try to make an appointment at the spa so you can get a massage. The balance between work and personal life will make you happier.
You can try exercising! That generally works on some people, however not me.

I like to watch series or movies or even go shopping!

Take a bath maybe. Aromas along with it tend to do the trick.

Or simply scream at the top of your lungs, punch something (note: not someONE) or slam some doors.
There are many ways stress can be reduced. Listening to music, focusing on other leisure activities , hanging out with supportive friends, reading or learning something new, exercising or meditating. Long term stress can be reduced by pinpointing the main source of stress and taking the necessary steps to eliminate the source. Once you feel like you are making progress towards getting rid of or overcoming the stressor you will automatically feel better. Even making a plan, say if you are in debt. Creating a financial plan can help you clear your head because you know that by following this plan you will get yourself out of that debt.
Being disciplined and following a productive daily routine as well as balancing things you love to do will lead to a more stress free time. Short term stress relief can come from anything that takes your mind off the topics that are causing the stress.
Overall, having a balanced routine can really help alleviate many stresses in life.