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What is the best cryptocurrency trading tips?


Most jurisdictions tax every profitable trade without allowing for the deduction of any losses from the profits. This is completely insane. If you engage in a lot of trading, you might end up ruining your life. 

This student earning the minimum wage in California turned $5000 into $880,000 before the market crashed early this year. He traded between different cryptocurrencies. Now he owes $400,000 to the IRS which is very far above the current value of his portfolio which is about $120,000. 


dont trade what you cannot lose.
always plan for the worst
split your investment in low / high risk
never get yourself locked out
consider situations that could effect you outside the market like govts banning crypto currencies or heavy taxation.
always have an exit plan
make sure you have double / tripple backups of your accounts and wallets.

Don't get personal with a coin you "like". Set your target and your aim should be to close the position as soon as possible.  100 small gains is better than 1 major gains. Just keep skimming off the top and building your btc.