What are geotagged NFTs?
Non-Fungible Tokens
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Geotagged non-fungible tokens (NFT) provide 3D renderings of the street art as well as the location. NFTs were initially limited to digital items. Work collectors can now own more than just the 3D rendition of the art thanks to the development of geotagged NFTs. Each NFT includes a virtual 3D figure depicting an actual spray painting somewhere in the world. The figure includes a geotag that connects NFT to their particular artworks. As a result, the owner of the NFT owns and can market the physical street art. Geotagged NFTs are non-intrusive. Artists could now market their work without fear of damaging the wall it was drawn on. It not only provides artists with a straightforward and tech-centric means to market their art, but it also allows people to own street art anywhere in the world.