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What’s the cause of accident?

There are many reasons associated with which an accident can be caused. I heard a famous saying long time back and it perfectly fits here - 

"Be LATE than being Mr. LATE"

As rightly said it is better to be late rather than meeting with an accident and then becoming Mr. Late.

Some of the important factors that are involved in the accident are listed as follows:-

1. Rush -  Rushing for something and the car is on full speed can cause disbalance and result in an accident.  I know we all are in hurry to get things done - But it doesn't mean that we should hurry in everything especially not while driving as the results of rush we land up in rash driving and results are catastrophic. 

2. Talking On Mobile, while driving - this has become a serious issue and many governments of the country have started penalizing drivers coz. they were talking on their mobile phones while driving. This is a clear case of carelessness and miss attention leading to accidents on roads.

IMage Courtesy: lipsigbronx.com

3. Competing/Race while driving - I've literally seen many accidents which were caused due to a Race being done between two drivers. These kinds of races make no sense while you are not on a racing track - any bumps on the road or an obstacle coming in front of you all of a sudden lead to serious accidents and sometimes death on spot. Just don't race and safely drive home or office.

4. Drunk driving -  this is yet one of the other major reasons for accidents. Drunk driving is prohibited and a serious offense in many countries but still I don't understand why people drive when they are drunk. A person when drunk is not in his or her senses and could lead to an action where an accident might happen and in most cases, it does happen.

Finally, I would say that there could be other reason as well and it could be the other driver's fault, the issue in the car i.e. a flat tire, an obstacle coming in all of a sudden or due to bad atmospheric conditions, runnig red lights or signal jumping etc.. But what we need to do from our side is to be very cautious while driving, have a motto in mind that sfae driving is the best driving and there is someone back home waiting for you - So please don't RUSH and drive home safely. Take care! Regards!


There are some of the most common causes of accidents, and this is what most people should avoid:

Dangerous Conditions

The dangerous conditions here mean the factors of the physical environment that might cause an accident. For example: during heavy rain and fog, this condition will increase the likelihood of a vehicle accident. Or, a slippery floor might increase work accidents.

Dangerous Actions

This is a behavior or error that can trigger accidents.
- careless / negligent / unfocused
- Do not use self guarantor (for example: work protection tool)
- Health problems (eg myopic, anxious, dizzy, etc.)
- Lack of knowledge.

Then, what can be done to prevent it?

Ensure Conditions

Conditions whether it's a vehicle, yourself, workplace, etc. Make sure the condition is in good condition.

Obey the Rules

Surely in all places, even on the highway, there are regulations which can be done and which are not.

Don't force yourself / give in

Make sure you succumb to difficult conditions. Don't just argue with a disaster that will befall you. 


One potential influence for an accident, would be forgetting to walk your dog. You may have to clean up an accidental urine spill, or worse. 

This is a clear example of an accident, and what could potentially lead to the accident.

I hope this adequately answers your question.


A lot of factors that go out of a person's control but there are accidents that are caused by people's poor judgment for safety. Being too reckless and underestimating the dangers around them. Ignorance of the safety policies implemented in the area. And lack of insight about the situations they are in. It's mostly attributed to presence of mind with whatever the situation throws at you. If you are really looking out for yourself in your surroundings, a lot of accidents could be avoided. You can even avoid causing an accident on someone else if you did this.


The accident occurs mostly when people act reckless or indifferent to possible danger.It is all that can be said for now as you didn't mention any types of specific accidents such as road accidents or fire accidents etc.